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  1. constant headaches with ear infection: Help!
  2. new to pain management ND questions about doctor
  3. Rapaflo after prostatectomy?
  4. Klonopin + Methadone? help needed.
  5. Unprotected sex after week period, took plan b hour later & now light spotting days
  6. ED and intamacy
  7. Flagged and can't get dr
  8. Pain Mgmt Patient, Doctor Issues, Question and Please Advise
  9. Going Broke
  10. C Diff
  11. methadone to suboxone
  12. A State of Health: Healthy Tip 6: Get to Know Your Family Health History
  13. Chronic Disease Fund credibility?
  14. stomach ace
  15. Can't afford prescription cost and monthly office visits Texas or Oklahoma
  16. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  17. Moved from Dallas. Need PM Medication Dr in Wichita
  18. tramadol withdral
  19. afinator
  20. How to order a drug while living in France?
  21. Need assistance programs to help with paying for all the things UC brings with it.
  22. Need Help Finding Payment Assistanc for HCV Treatment
  23. need help swithing to suboxone asap its very important that I switch as soon as i can
  24. Lost Dr
  25. Husband is chronic pain patient living in Ohio with out of state Workman's Comp
  26. My brother has parkinson's, but can't afford his much needed meds!!!
  27. Colonoscopy/Endoscopy
  28. Pain Management Kicked Me Out - HELP!?
  29. Pain Management (Frustrated) Help!!!!!!!
  30. Dr. Appointment 2morrow. Scared to go (Advice Needed)
  31. I found a .......
  32. Attn: Robt_325 - moving our discussion here
  33. Help I'm Detoxing Off Suboxone!!!!
  34. MediCal PCP and Pain Management Woes
  35. Help with burning tongue sydrone
  36. Going to see a PM Doctor, got questions.
  37. Can't sleep opiate withdraw
  38. Hope I'm in the right place!
  39. Can't afford medical care for 7 chronic illnesses.
  40. meds
  41. Robert and Melinda
  42. How long (I'm probably overreacting)
  43. "too young" for pain relief in Pittsburgh
  44. When should I cancel my pain medication contract?
  45. drugs asst
  46. Patient Assistance Program Letter
  47. lamictal/lamotrigine patient assistant program?
  48. How do I get prescribed opiates? HELP!
  49. soma and ativan
  50. Switching from Xanax to Clonazepam
  51. In Big trouble any ideas
  52. The Process of finding a New Doc =(
  53. DM and Corticosteroids
  54. Drug Testing
  55. New to Forum and Sobriatety
  56. looking for pain managment speacialist in MI
  57. going through withdrawl for no reason help!
  58. I need help detoxing! I have no support :(
  59. End Opana Turn around time
  60. Addiction Prevention...
  61. Any patient assist. programs in Tn for people w/ Cancer?
  62. Pain doctor raided by DEA and state, need records
  63. any assistance paying for lidoderm patches?
  64. any programs that pay for xenical?
  65. Need assistance for my brother
  66. Looking for a therapist. Need suggestions
  67. Pain mgmt Dr's not prescribing pain meds??
  68. How to find a new Doctor
  69. Pristiq assistance program??
  70. Have question about comming off of perc's
  71. life after herion crack and meth
  72. New doctor
  73. methadone to sub
  74. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
  75. Pain Management Issue, need help/opinions.
  76. misunderstood post polio patient
  77. need assistance
  78. Differences in generics?
  79. Refrigerating urine
  80. Interaction between drug and alternative treatment?
  81. lisinopril
  82. remedy for overdose of methyl prednesolone
  83. Fibromyalgia treatment
  84. cheap pills
  85. Vicodin/oxycontin
  86. oxycodone
  87. New Simvastatin rx 40mg >>. old Lipitor 10mg
  88. azithromycin 5 day pack
  89. Help with methadone clinic
  90. Side effect of Cholestyramine
  91. med administration in the elderly
  92. help with surgery medication
  93. triple HR blockade
  94. Does one overide the other?
  95. Was my doctor racist?
  96. Side effect of ear infection medication made me worse
  97. Protonix not covered under my insurance.
  98. nocturnal emission
  99. Need a doctor near San Antonio, TX that cares
  100. Medication costs more then I make!
  101. Help with Emsam Patch
  102. To SUB or not to SUB???
  103. Methadone - Possible Side Effect???
  104. detoxing off fentanyl 100mcg patches
  105. My Success Story In Getting Off Opiates
  106. Zovirax - Which is more effective, oral or topical?
  107. Haldol side effects
  108. In need of psychiatrist in area to diagnose and treat affordably
  109. how long do you need to be in withdrawl to start saboxine?
  110. Neupro Patch compassionate use
  111. can't afford prescriptions
  112. need help with lortab.
  113. I Have MS, Live In Burbank CA. Need Doctor
  114. Help with drug interactions
  115. Free Prescription Card
  116. Opana >> Morphine
  117. Dosage for Ventolin Nebulization
  118. amoxcillin side effect
  119. Lyrica Feedback needed
  120. How to quit any Drug.
  121. sore fingernail
  122. Migraine Associated Vertigo
  123. how to approach???/
  124. Abrasion Wound
  125. strange thing
  126. chlamydia infection
  127. Is American Recovery Detox any good?
  128. i need to know what is wrong with me
  129. synthroid
  130. Rifampin for MRSA?
  131. Help a guy out
  132. I little help w/ my subutex treatment..please
  133. Questions about Subotex
  134. Need help with Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction
  135. Suboxone Help
  136. Pls share with me your colostomy bag experience
  137. 1st Norco scrip & must take liver function test, what is this test
  138. Clonazepam
  139. In Pain In NJ Need To Find A Good Dr Who Will Work With Me
  140. I am tired of being tied to my meds...can't afford
  141. Neurontin Inquiry
  142. Help finding Dr. in DC Metro Area
  143. Norvasc
  144. suprapubic catheter
  145. Lost birth control pill, need to know what to do ASAP!!!!
  146. Lidocaine patches
  147. Adderall to Generic
  148. Tramadol
  149. Is there a easy way to switch Pain Mgmt. Doctors?
  150. ms contin >> methadone
  151. RE: Diastat Acu Dial
  152. Had to switch MAOI. Are there different wash out periods?
  153. Help! Questions about Methadone/Suboxone
  154. Beta Blockers (metoprolol) and after-effects?
  155. Been bleeding for 9 weeks now
  156. pregnant and going through fentanyl withdrawals
  157. Pain management...multiple doctors
  158. 34 days off opiates
  159. cymbalta/bp issues???
  160. life sucks, pls help :(
  161. Prescription troubles. Please help.
  162. Kerol Redi-Cloths
  163. PLease Help immediately
  164. Xanax question in use, doseage and effects
  165. Blood Chemistry Results
  166. need advise on herion addict
  167. What rights do we have w/ lab work??
  168. I need some advice on coming off meds
  169. I Need Advice
  170. Ritalin
  171. Help finding doctor that cares Va. area
  172. Traveling with Oxygen
  173. Addicted To Imovane
  174. Need Help Please!!!!!!......
  175. Aster
  176. tumor causing psuedo-arthritis
  177. How Do You get off the DEA list?
  178. Help getting my Asthma meds
  179. Gentamicin
  180. Gentamicin
  181. Tenormin
  182. methadone itching
  183. Need doctor in MA...new to site! Thanks!~
  184. Need help finding an orthopedic surgen
  185. switching to singulair
  186. Benzo found in urine
  187. intactable pain
  188. Morphine (IV/Inj)
  189. Chewed A Morphine Pill
  190. Life in a dark room
  191. Open for recommendations, need help ASAP
  192. elephantiatic philariasis HELP
  193. Rapid Detox
  194. Percocet Addiction Plz Help
  195. running out of Meds
  196. Help! Doctor Stopping Adderall Without Warning
  197. tunica mucosa vaginae
  198. xanax and methadone
  199. Adderall Effects
  200. Levoxyl
  201. chronic fatigue
  202. rough estimate please
  203. Need advice
  204. I have a difficult situation
  205. naprosyn + marijuana
  206. looking for interactions to suboxone
  207. please what is this?
  208. What to do?
  209. back back-medication and work
  210. Actiq - Any Info Needed
  211. Zelnorm causing severe Diarrhea
  212. pt. assistance for cymbalta & risperdal
  213. Success Story
  214. Question about Depakote and Abilify
  215. withdrawal symptoms
  216. husband on methadone need help and info
  217. i need help
  218. need help in kentucky
  219. I moved and I DESPERATELY need a new doctor! HELP!
  220. Allopurinol
  221. I have to fire my Pain Management Doctor
  222. Question about birth control.
  223. lower blood suger
  224. Help with medication
  225. Can`t get MD to prescribe me the medicine i NEED!
  226. Patient assistant prog and medicare plan d
  227. metformin/glucophage
  228. Inquiry about Midazolam (Dormicum)
  229. medicare not paying need altenative
  230. Inderal
  231. chinese herbs
  232. Prograf Help
  233. affordable cost for drug abuse treatment
  234. depakote
  235. psorisis HELP
  236. methadone
  237. ERT
  238. A Game ( Praise To People On Their Way To Sobrity
  239. Please please help me
  240. cymbalta >> paxil cr
  241. Undiagnosable leg pain
  242. pills from germany
  243. any patient assistance programs in pa???
  244. Ritalyn
  245. herpes labialis a viral infection of lips-help
  246. am i ok please read
  247. Anyone know of a program that can help me?
  248. Cervical Spinal Fusion(Arthrodesis)
  249. I don't know what to do
  250. bactrimDS with lisinapril & hydroclorothiazde is t