In India, they have adapted homeopathy into Tautopathy.

For example, say you have a >>>>>>, cocaine, cannabis Withdrawl. They take >>>>>> and titrate, and have various potencies, 6C, 30C, 200C.

Most Homeopathic pharmacies have these remedies with a Doctors prescription.

It sounded insane to me. So somebody is withdrawing from Valium and having twitching, kicking, anxiety, rapid heart state, insomnia, typical WD Symtpoms from Valium.

Google "Tautopathy".

The potency selected is dependent upon the intensity of the WD's. See a Homeopathic Doctor and tell them you want a TAUTOPATHIC remedy.

I have a friend who came off oxycontin. She had her Doctor take 1 oxycontin pill and from that 3 months of remedies were made of varying potencies. It would depend on her severity, so she covered herself and did different potencies,

She tapered down off the oxy over 1 month. She eventually jumped. She then had Acute WD's. She tried this over a dozen times and got too sick and ended up back on oxy.

So she tried this with no expectation. She thought it was a joke frankly. When she told me I understood the "vaccine" idea, but didn't known how it would help acute WD's of an opiate.

She took a 30C remedy which is very common for intense physical Symtpoms. It's used all the time in homeopathy.

But she used 30C oxycontin. Wait, what ? I was very pessimistic,

She waited until she had WD---chills, sweats, diarrhea, fear, diarrhea, stomach aches, no appetite, nausea, fatigue, lethargy, profound lack of motivation.

She took her first dose, 5 pellets. In 5 minutes, a change occurred. Chills gone. Sweats stopped. Her stomach didn't hurt. She was hungry. I didn't believe her.

I went to her house and saw her. She was normal as I've ever seen her.

She then just waited until she felt a WD and then took remedy as needed. Did this for months. Eventually she changed her potency after 4 weeks to something not as strong,

She had a Homeopath do this, and it worked. No meds. Whenever she had a WD, she took the TAUTOPATHIC remedy.

Apparently, in India, this is standard fair. China had a huge opium epidemic that destroyed the fabricnof their society for years.

This approach was introduced by Hahneman over a hundred years ago. Homeopathy.

This is using the causative substance that created the symptoms in micro doses to cure the patient.

It worked for her.

Just thought this was amazing.