I have been lactose intolerant pretty much my entire life, along with the rest of my family through genetics I gather. As difficult as it is, home has always been the one place I don’t have to worry about my dietary restrictions. It’s been nice to have a place where I’m not the weird one for not being able to have any dairy. My symptoms have always been pretty bad but my younger brother has it the worst. A few years ago I saw something on the news about a product called lactagen. It was a 38 day program claiming to retrain my body to tolerate dairy, and I would be able to finally enjoy yogurt and cookie dough ice cream! I was pretty nervous about trying it but I figured if it worked it could really help out me and my family. So I gave it a try and wow! I honestly never thought in a million years that I would rid myself of this nightmare called lactose intolerance! My entire family has gone on the program now and all experienced the same satisfying results. I’d be happy to share our experiences in more detail if anyone is interested.

Has anyone else used this product??