if your like me.. and having WD symptoms, from whatever it might be.. me personally, its currently Methadone that I'm having WD from. I got on it 3 years ago due to a MAJOR addiction to Roxy's and Oxy's. I basically traded one addiction for another.. but the funny thing is, is when I went to register at my local methadone clinic.. my parents went with me and spoke with the doctor with me.. and the doctor never, NOT ONCE ever mentioned the fact that methadone is just addictive as Roxy's or Oxy's. But, it is what it is I guess.

Anyhow.. I've found something that really seems to help take the edge off of the wd symptoms. It's called cannabis. Smoking it really seems to help me with the WD symptoms and even the insomnia to a certain point.

I've found that if I masterbate a few times.. then smoke a bowl or two.. then eat something.. I've found that this really does help. See, the masterbation gets your heart-rate up.. then smoking a bowl helps you relax and it also helps stimulate your appetite.. then once you've munched down on some food.. you get sleepy!!

Really recommend this for everyone!