Maybe like you, I am one of the millions of people who have always struggled with weight loss. I have yo-yo'd up and down all through my life; sometimes chubby, sometimes obese, and occasionally thin. I cannot remember a time before in my life that I was completely happy and satisfied with my weight, even since childhood.
Every time I got near my goal, my fat tho
ughts, patterns, visions and doubts would creep back in and I would find myself FAT AGAIN! On the surface I wanted to be thin and talked down to myself for being overweight, but on a deeper level I believed that I didn’t deserve to be thin, and I also didn’t want to give up the security and other comforts that being overweight gave me. I know that now.I looked like a huge blimp! I had to weigh over 300 pounds!I looked like a huge blimp!I was introduced to an alternative therapist by a friend who he help with financial issues after I had lost so much money on new drugs and
weight loss programs.Ihad almost given up on everything,I was feeling unworthy, not trusting my own beliefs and feelings, not expressing myself and once again putting up the security blanket that allowed me to make excuses to not be all that I can be,I did everything
he said and instructed me to,used some materials he sent me..I lost 65 pounds
just a day of using the materials and now after a week,have lost a
total of 132lbs..I never believed it was possible,its a miracle.I hope
you could contact him if you need the same healing as I