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Trecator (ethionamide tablets, USP) Tablets

Audience: Infectious disease specialists and other healthcare providers

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals announced that Trecator-SC (ethionamide tablets, USP) Sugar-Coated Tablets have been reformulated to film-coated tablets and renamed Trecator. The new film-coated tablet is more rapidly absorbed, resulting in higher peak concentrations (Cmax) of ethionamide, which may potentially lead to patient intolerance when introduced at the same initial dose as the old sugar-coated tablet. As a result, patients should be monitored and have their dosages re-titrated when switching from the sugar-coated tablet to the film-coated tablet.

[March 10, 2004 - Dear Healthcare Professional Letter - Wyeth]
[March 10, 2004 - Dear Pharmacist Letter - Wyeth]