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Testosterone gel products (AndroGel and Testim)

Audience: Urological and Endocrinological healthcare professionals, pediatricians

FDA notified healthcare professionals that it will require two prescription topical testosterone gel products, AndroGel 1% and Testim 1%, to include a boxed warning on the products’ labels after receiving reports of adverse effects in children who were inadvertently exposed to testosterone through contact with another person being treated with these products. Despite the currently labeled precautions, FDA has received reports of eight cases of secondary exposure to testosterone in children ranging in age from nine months to five years. Since that time, additional reports of secondary exposure have been received by the agency and are presently under review. Of the fully reviewed cases, adverse events reported in these children included inappropriate enlargement of the genitalia (penis or clitoris), premature development of pubic hair, advanced bone age, increased libido and aggressive behavior. The gels are approved for use in men who either no longer produce testosterone or produce it in very low amounts. Both products are applied once daily, to the shoulders or upper arms. FDA has provided recommendations and precautions to minimize the potential for secondary exposure.

[May 07, 2009 - News Release - FDA]
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