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Neuromuscular blocking agents

What are Neuromuscular blocking agents

Neuromuscular blocking agents are potent muscle relaxants typically only used during surgery to prevent muscle movement. They are structurally related to acetylcholine (the main neurotransmitter in the body) and they cause muscle relaxation by binding to acetylcholine receptors postsynaptically (which prevents acetylcholine from binding). This blocks neuromuscular transmission and causes paralysis of the muscle.

Neuromuscular blocking agents should only be used as an adjunct to anesthesia when artificial ventilation is available.

List of Neuromuscular blocking agents:

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Nimbex (Pro, More...)
generic name: cisatracurium
0 reviews
Anectine (Pro, More...)
generic name: succinylcholine
0 reviewsAdd rating
Mivacron (Pro, More...)
generic name: mivacurium
0 reviewsAdd rating
Nuromax (More...)
generic name: doxacurium
0 reviewsAdd rating
Quelicin (Pro, More...)
generic name: succinylcholine
0 reviewsAdd rating
Zemuron (Pro, More...)
generic name: rocuronium
0 reviewsAdd rating

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