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Magnetic resonance imaging contrast media

What are Magnetic resonance imaging contrast media?

Substances used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to improve the visibility of internal body structures. In magnetic resonance imaging, contrast media are chosen for their paramagnetic property, which shortens relaxation time.

List of Magnetic resonance imaging contrast media:

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Omniscan (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadodiamide
0 reviews
Eovist (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadoxetate disodium
2 reviews
Dotarem (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadoterate meglumine
1 review
Gadavist (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadobutrol
3 reviews
Magnevist (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadopentetate dimeglumine
1 review
Ablavar (More...)
generic name: gadofosveset trisodium
0 reviewsAdd rating
Feridex (More...)
generic name: ferumoxides
0 reviewsAdd rating
GastroMARK (More...)
generic name: ferumoxsil
0 reviewsAdd rating
Multihance (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadobenate dimeglumine
0 reviewsAdd rating
OptiMARK (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadoversetamide
0 reviewsAdd rating
Prohance (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadoteridol
0 reviewsAdd rating
Teslascan (More...)
generic name: mangafodipir
0 reviewsAdd rating
Vasovist (Pro, More...)
generic name: gadofosveset trisodium
0 reviewsAdd rating