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Agents for hypertensive emergencies

What are Agents for hypertensive emergencies

Agents for hypertensive emergencies are given parenterally as it is critical to reduce the blood pressure immediately because at that stage it could be life threatening. Hypertensive emergencies are hypertensive encephalopathy, eclampsia, acute left ventricular failure and acute heart failure.

Generally, agents used in hypertensive emergencies are vasodilators, which widen blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

List of Agents for hypertensive emergencies:

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Proglycem (Pro, More...)
generic name: diazoxide
1 review
Corlopam (Pro, More...)
generic name: fenoldopam
0 reviews
Hyperstat (More...)
generic name: diazoxide
0 reviews
Nitropress (Pro, More...)
generic name: nitroprusside
0 reviews

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