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Varibar Pudding Dosage

Generic name: Barium Sulfate 400mg in 1mL
Dosage form: oral paste

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Recommended Dosing

  • The recommended oral dose of VARIBAR PUDDING delivered by oral syringe or spoon:
    • Adults 5 mL
    • Pediatric patients 1-3 mL
  • During a single modified barium swallow examination, multiple doses of VARIBAR PUDDING may be administered as appropriate, to assess the patient during multiple swallows and different radiographic views.
  • The maximum cumulative dose is 30 mL oral.
  • Once opened, write the discard after date on the immediate container label. Discard any unused product after 21 days.

Important Administration Instructions

  • Advise patients to hydrate following the barium sulfate procedure.
  • Advise patient at risk for constipation or delayed gastrointestinal transit to monitor for worsening of their condition after administration of barium sulfate and seek medical attention if worsening and advise using laxatives to enhance gastrointestinal transit.