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User Reviews for Nizoral Shampoo

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Reviews for Nizoral Shampoo

For Dandruff "I'm from UK. I suffer with dandruff every time I'm going through a stressful time. I tried many products and shampoos with little success. FinaIly I tried Nizoral shampoo which is an anti fungal preparation for dandruff. It worked brilliantly. That's when I realised my stress- induced dandruff flare- ups were caused by a fungus. Presumably, the stress was affecting my immune system and therefore I was getting an over- growth of the fungus on my scalp, every time I was going through a stressful period. The nizoral kills the fungus and the dandruff goes away until I go through a period of stress again when the dandruff comes back. But I use Nizoral again and away the dandruff goes again. Of course, the nizoral deals with the symptoms (i.e. dandruff) and not the cause (i.e. stress) but hey, it works on the dandruff so it does the job it's meant to do. The only down side, I find it a bit expensive for such a tiny bottle of shampoo."


Lilly Hill March 11, 2018

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For Dandruff "I used Nizoral for about 8 years. It was excellent for eliminating dandruff which was a bad problem. But about one year ago I started having severe itching on my upper back and upper front (chest) area. It was complete itching so severe that benadryl ointment (over the counter) for poison ivy relief and similar products were needed to calm the itchiness. Crazy itchiness! My dermatologist gave me steroid creams for the itching and I requested a biopsy to find out more. Inflammation showed. I decided to quit using Nizoral and finally the itching went away mostly. I use baby shampoo now followed by Head and Shoulders shampoo. So far so good. Be warned that you might develop an allergy to Nizoral or the generic years later."


luckyladysmom (taken for 5 to 10 years) November 14, 2017

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