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User Reviews for Complera

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HIV Infection 8.4
55 reviews 66 medications

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Reviews for Complera

Callus rallus August 15, 2017

For HIV Infection: “I have been hiv-positive for over 20 years switch to complera have very little side effects viral load is undetectable CD4 is over 800 doing very well thank God God blessings to everyone being courage”

9 / 10
Nauseousallthetime · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 17, 2016

For HIV Infection: “I have been positive for 11 years but only started taking complera a little over a year ago. Up until then my body did an excellent job keeping it under control. Despite all the drugs and hard living I was doing I would say my side effects hit pretty hard I have been dealing with the most life-altering uncomfortable nausea that I couldn't even begin to explain. Everyday when I wake up sometimes I'm woken up out of my sleep with the nausea that is constant I tell my doctor about this and I feel like it my doctor is not taking me seriously I don't know if this is something that is something to be worried about or if it's normal butt it is seriously ruining my life it is making me consider stopping my meds and just dealing with AIDS”

5 / 10
paddenone · Taken for less than 1 month July 24, 2016

For HIV Infection: “We have to educate ourselves on what to look for with each medicine so when mild ones occur, we can get to doctor and, hopefully, prevent the extreme side effects. I got lactic acidosis from AZT in 1991 and almost died. Ive been positive for 24 years, AIDS diagnosis 10 years ago, I won't comment much on Complera - yet. Just started today after 7 years on a very successful regimen but it included ritonovir. Im now older and on on many other meds. Ritonovir was causing higher levels of all my other meds. Like an overdose. My options are much lower because my virus has had so many years to mutate-develop resistance. Most of the posts are from people who I consider relatively new in living with HIV. Stay hopeful! For you there may be a cure!”

Krido part 1 of 4 · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 12, 2016

For HIV Infection: “My experience was almost the worst case scenario. Meaning I'm lucky I didn't die. I'll share my story. I was diagnose at 21 back in like 2001. I was on sustiva and convivir successfully and undetectable until 2012. The Meds had worked great for a long time and I manage all the side effects like the nightmares an such. Then a new side effect came to play with the old Meds. My mind started telling me and giving ideas to and how to kill myself. I knew this was serious and so I asked my doctor to change my Meds. During the transition I didn't know what to be focused on. The way they presented the drugs to me it felt like they were pushing the one a day pill Complera. So I switched to Complera August 2012. Then I developed kidney disease stage 3”

1 / 10
Krido · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 10, 2016

For HIV Infection: “The medication almost killed me. It caused me stage 3 kidney desease and other problems.”

1 / 10
Rob3981 · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 8, 2016

For HIV Infection: “Just started on complera a month ago. This is my first medication and I have to say I am very happy with it. Like others I waited over a month after I got my first prescription before I started taking it. I was more scared of the medication then when I first found out six years ago I was positive. The first couple of days I had some dizziness and fatigue and I have experienced some gas. However they have all subsided. I have read a lot of people have problems taking it with a 400 calorie meal. I was never a breakfast eater but decided I would take my pill in the morning. I have half a whole wheat bagel with two tablespoons of peanut butter 325k and half a cup of cottage cheese 110k for a total 435. Very light meal but provides the calories.”

10 / 10
Plutoman January 22, 2016

For HIV Infection: “I'm a gay male.In Jun 2014, I had anal intercourse w/someone that I knew in Advance was positive, but undetectable.The condom broke inside of me unfortunately. I went on truvada/issentress with no side effects for 30 days. Tested in August and all was fine. Had a root canal in Dec 2014. Had a routine HIV test in Mar 2015, still negative. I never have unprotected anal sex. On 12/05/15 I Went for a routine HIV test... Was blindsided that the results were positive! I determined Since I was guilty of giving unprotected ORAL sex to several partners in 2015, I got infected due to my root canal. (Tooth not 100% attached to gums) No side effects on Complera... Just occasional eye twitching n Slightly lighter sleeping,dreams.”

X January 7, 2016

For HIV Infection: “I have been HIV positive for over 16 years. I have taking HIV meds since 2004. A trick that I learn when taking Complera that may help some people. Complera has the drug rilpivirine in it. This drug is marketed under the name edurant. I use take it by itself before I started on Complera. The trick is to take the drug in the morning at breakfast but only take it halfway through the meal. By doing it this way you coat your stomach before and the food at the other end helps with the absorption of the medicine. By doing it this way I have never had any stomach issues, and by taking it in the morning I have no sleep issues. I am currently taking Complera with Tivicay. My T-cells are over a 1000, and my viral load is undetectable.”

10 / 10
red57 · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 31, 2015

For HIV Infection: “I tested positive in 1993, I actually thought I had a year or two left too live. I went without meds almost twenty (20) years. I started Complera in 2013. I'm undetectable and my cd-4 is now close too 700 up from 420. I still smoke cigarettes and drink socially. I haven't had any side effects. I'm 58 years old and African American, even at this age my physical stamina is good (basketball and tennis). Complera is the only meds I've taken and up too now I'm pleased with the results.And by the way, l take my Complera in the mornings with breakfast. When it's time too go too sleep at night, I sleep like a baby..Good luck guys and best wishes....Peace!”

9 / 10
andrea 34 November 29, 2015

For HIV Infection: “I am a 34 yr old married woman who recently got diagnosed about 4 - 5 months ago through a routine Dr visit and I been on complera almost two months now and when I first started my viral load was 23,000 and I will go back to the Dr on Dec 15 to have my blood work done again to see if the meds are working!! So far only side effects are gas, and extreme hunger lol.... My husband is also Hiv positive and he's taking a different medicine and his is working so far as well!!!! I really need someone to talk to about this so if someone wants to talk - maybe give me some advice let me know because I'm still in shock and have alot of questions”

8 / 10
katiebug81 · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 24, 2015

For HIV Infection: “It's been almost 2 years since switching over from Atripla to Complera and I've never had any problems or side effects with the medication. I usually take complera after dinner.”

9 / 10
StunningLady1 · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 17, 2015

For HIV Infection: “Got diagnosed 2005. I was 20. Started Complera 2014. CD 4 was 540, VL 75,000. Never Got sick or had OI's. Complera works fine, CD 4 now 942, VL undectatable ! Side effects# Gas , Foul smelling, constant and insomnia ! No rapid weight Gain”

8 / 10
Bombline September 29, 2015

For HIV Infection: “Male. 20 years old. Got tested on July 2015 and the results were positive. Started meds on late Septmeber 2015. I had the meds early September but I was so scared to take them because of the side effects. When I started the meds I didn't have any side effect. At night when I was sleeping my ear was hurting so much because I have otitis media and I think my ear reacted to this meds like this. Anyways, beside that I HAVEN'T GOT ANY SIDE EFFECT!! THANKS GOD. I haven't had any headache, diahrrea, dizzyness or vomiting. I'm so happy I haven't got anything just the ear pain. Remember, the side effects is always different in each person. Also, try to take this med with multivitamins. I feel a little bit better and less tired.”

10 / 10
val1988 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 24, 2015

For HIV Infection: “I started to take complera 1 year ago when viral load was 1700 a d cd4 490. and I had immediately some side effects like a lot of gas some headache and diarrhea. But they stopped 1 month after taking pills after 2 months of this medication I started to feel like losing balance a bjt depressed and a bit dizzy as well. I got tested with a ct brain radiography and it was negative thank god. Then I got tested with cognitive exams and everything is good. So I suppose it must be complera. At the moment my viral load is undetectable and cd4 are 743.”

6 / 10
pozlifejourney · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 8, 2015

For HIV Infection: “3 month into taking meds. No side effects. So far so good. I feel great. Had a time adjusting to taking med every single day. Haven't skipped any days. I take 2 hours before or after my set time. Found out I was positive feb. 11th. Started med June 1st. Undetectable after 2 month. I'm thankful for complera. I was terrified about taking meds cause of side effects. But I've had none.”

10 / 10
Hamm3 · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 30, 2015

For HIV Infection: “Was exposed to HIV by irresponsible person. I was given Truvada and Isentress and I never recommend the latter to anyone because it was terrible. My doctor changed my med and gave my worked fine for me, no side affects except for sore throat. I recommend it, it is the best med for PEP and obviously after reading the reviews for HIC treatment.”

Mr. Me April 15, 2015

For HIV Infection: “I hate to scare people but I was one of the unlucky few that had depression and suicidal thoughts on this. It took about 4 days to notice any change but when it came it hit me like a brick wall. I felt fuzzy and severely depressed, even more so when I got my diagnosis. I couldnt help squinting my eyes for some reason I felt far away and distant and very, very down. Prior to this I was upbeat and positive about starting meds. I told my doc and he weaned me off by giving me 2 pills of Truvada and I felt a difference the very next day. I plan to start Stribild soon as it is not known to have any major psychiatric side effects. I wouldn't recommend for anyone with a history or depression or mental illness. Wish me luck!”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 26, 2015

For HIV Infection: “Apart from gas and drowsiness, I don't feel anything bad. ”

8 / 10
Fish the Choptank River! · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 15, 2015

For HIV Infection: “63, 5'10, 145 married male, 26 year leukemia survivor. Did not see a physician for first 3 years out of shame, fear and denial. Still heavily rejected/feared by what I consider to be ignorant ex-family & ex-acquaintances. Way past all that now. Hetero transmission. 10 difficult years with several threatening events; related streptococcus pneumonia, with 9 week on/off in ICU till diagnosed with strep throat; brain stem stroke; left lung pneumonia. IV Levofloxacin/Levaquin, oral dose for 30 months. Atripla co-pay of $125 for 3 months (x2). Doc suggested Complera to combat borderline AIDS lab #'s. Similar side effect of very explicit dreaming, mostly pleasant, some daytime fatigue. $0 with Gilead Co-pay card else $125. for 3 UNDETECTABLE!”

9 / 10
Funkychicken · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 25, 2015

For HIV Infection: “Was diagnosed with HIV Sept. 2014. Began Complera a month later and three weeks later, my viral load was undetectable. In addition, I've suffered little if no side-effects. I'm a 48 year old, white male. As this is the only HIV medicine I've ever known and have noticed nothing different in terms of body changes or flatulence, or whatever, I'd give Complera two thumbs up--good luck, everybody.”

10 / 10
Stevenbharo October 31, 2014

For HIV Infection: “I am 30 years old, diagnosed on January 7th 2014 I didn't need to take any medication when I first found out, in fact I went months without starting medication. My doctor said I may have been able to go years without any medication because my health and immune were managing it on its own. I'm very fit,active, and eat healthy. I decided to start Complera as a preventative. I did not want my health to get out of hand and I didn't want to be more susceptible to other illnesses. My experience has been fine. I started meds on June 1st the first week or few days it did make my stomach upset, dizzy sometimes but only after taking it not just randomly. But now it's just like a daily pill that I don't even notice. I'm happy and healthy.”

10 / 10
BFBUTLER October 2, 2014

For HIV Infection: “Began Complera May 2013 after having been on Atripla. Positive since 1992. Both medicines have kept my viral load undetectable and T-cells above 700. Both have their side effects; but for now I'm sticking with Complera. I take Complera after dinner; hours before sleep (to help as much with insomnia. Doctor has prescribed Ambien). The side effects of Complera I hope work themselves out overnight. As for gas and bloating I have a glass of Metamucil every morning. And each day I live with a positive attitude, or as normal as possible!”

8 / 10
Eve. · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 22, 2014

For HIV Infection: “A year in on Complera and feeling extreme fatigue and 3 times a day I become dizzy, that I have to sit and wait for the dizziness to go away. I express this to my doctor and he assured me it was the medicine. Now I am experiencing tingling, numbness in my hand's and feet. My balance is unbalanced. Not to scare anyone. I have been positive for 2 decades and started treatment a year ago. I hear a lot of news about doctor's saying it may be low B12 vitamin. However, I know for sure what is the cause, the Complera. I never felt these effect's before in my life till now!”

7 / 10
demis July 18, 2014

For HIV Infection: “I am two months now on it after switching from a 3 pill a day combo. The first 3 weeks it was a horrible experience with stomach bloating gas and wind. It triggered my depression as well. Week 4 the symptoms started eliminating. 8 weeks now on and everything is back to normal except from being more happy having to take just one small pill a day. The blood tests couldnt be better with an undetectable VL and a good CD4 count.”

9 / 10
Is is affective, Just one major problem! · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 10, 2014

For HIV Infection: “A year in on this med and feeling extreme fatigue. When I say extreme fatigue, I mean exhausted and out of breath. Not sure what and when will it go away!”

10 / 10