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User Reviews for Barium sulfate to treat Computed Tomography

Also known as: Sitzmarks, Volumen, Readi-Cat 2, E-Z-Paque, Tagitol V, Liquid E-Z Paque, NeuLumEX, Entero VU, Eneset 2, Entero-H, Entrobar, Esobar, Esopho-Cat, Esophotrast, Liquid Polibar, Maxibar, Medebar Super 250, Scan C, Smoothie Readi-Cat 2, Sol-O-Pake, Varibar Nectar, Varibar Pudding, Varibar Thin, Varibar Thin Honey, Polibar Plus, Entroease, Flo-Coat, HD 200 Plus, HD 85, Barobag, Prepcat, Tomocat, E-Z Dose Kit with Polibar Plus, SilQ Vanilla, Enhancer, Varibar, E-Z-Cat Dry, E-Z Disk, E-Z Paste, Varibar Honey, Enecat, Liquid Polibar Plus, Medebar Plus, Ultra R, Anatrast, Bar-Test, Digibar 190, Baricon, Baro-Cat Barosperse Barosphere Barotrast Bear-E-Yum GI CheeTah E-Z AC E-Z-Cat E-Z-HD …show all brand names

Barium sulfate has an average rating of 5.8 out of 10 from a total of 26 ratings for the treatment of Computed Tomography. 42% of those users who reviewed Barium sulfate reported a positive effect, while 27% reported a negative effect.

Barium sulfate Rating Summary

5.8/10 average rating

26 ratings from 24 user reviews.

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Reviews for Barium sulfate

Gumby · Taken for less than 1 month December 9, 2020

“I've had plenty of CTs with IV contrast before, but not oral contrast, so I decided to look up what to expect. Mistake. The internet hyped this up as being sludgy cement that tastes awful, and that I should expect to immediately fight the urge to vomit or soil myself. I had the Vanilla Silq flavor/brand, cold, and it was almost indistinguishable from a vanilla Ensure, save for the knowledge it was mildly radioactive but unlikely to grant superpowers. Everyone reacts differently, but most people who had their expectations met at Chili's don't post reviews about it, so you won't find a lot of "everything went fine and normal and I'm going about my day" posts about barium sulfate. You'll see the nasty and unfortunate stuff though. Anyway, worst milkshake I've ever had but had no real fallout from it - no nausea or diarrhea, but time will tell about constipation - and would recommend drinking this as infrequently as your doctor will let you.”

8 / 10
Hereforcomments September 3, 2020

“I had my CT scan today, I had to drink the barium sulphate... I’ve had constant diarrhoea for 7 hours now. My stomach sounds like there’s a thunderstorm inside.”

Anonymous August 26, 2020

“Tasted sweet, not too bad. Had a couple bouts of diarrhea but nothing severe and resolved within a day!”

8 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month December 26, 2019

“This poison gave me non stop diarrhea for 12 Damn days. I couldn;t leave my house. They need to put a big WARNING this JUNK. It caused severe bowel inflammation and non stop trips to the bathroom, many hardly in time. It's awful. 12 days living in a nightmare . No warning given to me. No warning on the container it came in., WHY NOT?”

1 / 10
Gigglemama · Taken for less than 1 month September 19, 2019

“I had the oral and IV contrast and was told I could go to work after the CT scan. I asked about side effects but was told about the major ones not the vomiting and diarrhea. I went to work and got very sick. It was so embarrassing. I had to rush home and almost kicked my house door down getting to the bathroom. The nausea, diarrhea, weakness, tingling in my body was so scary. I was in the bathroom every 5 minutes. That was on Tuesday now here it is Thursday and I am still nausea and can taste the medication in my mouth. My stomach still bubbles up when I eat anything. This is a weight loss plan I didn't sign up for. This experience made me feel worse than what I originally went in for. Never again will I do something like that without doing my research first.”

2 / 10
Anonymous July 7, 2012

Readi-Cat (barium sulfate): “I drank Readi-Cat (barium sulfate) for an abdominal CT scan. I gave it a nine only because of the taste. It was thick, and had the consistency of vegetable oil with a citrus flavor. I experienced some very mild heartburn and nausea while drinking it, but that went away very quickly. The following morning, I had one bout of diarrhea, which was listed as a side effect. Other than that, I didn't experience any of the listed possible side effects. Overall a much better experience than I was anticipating!”

9 / 10
DorothyV · Taken for less than 1 month December 1, 2018

“Drank 2 bottles, one last night and one this morning an hour before a CT of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Vanilla flavor wasn't awful and I didn't have any bad reaction other than some gas, feelings of constipation, and tiredness. Was instructed to drink plenty of water to flush it all out of my system. Drank it chilled and that seemed to help with the taste. Still had iodine through an IV too so hopefully the imaging will accurate and clear.”

8 / 10
Anonymous January 25, 2012

Readi-Cat 2 (barium sulfate): “Terrible. Developed rash all over within minutes of drinking a cup of Readi-cat 2. Test was postponed and I was sent home. It took hours for the rash to clear. Thanks to a nurse who noticed the rash and stopped the procedure.”

1 / 10
AAVA January 13, 2018

Readi-Cat (barium sulfate): “I had the banana flavor and it was a BIG improvement from the old days of just drinking chalk! However, it was thick and at times unpleasant. I had to gag down 2 large servings, plus they administered an iodine IV during the CT scan. About 45 minutes after the procedure, it all hit and I was in the bathroom for the next several hours. Not sure if it was the barium or iodine, but this was one of the common side effects and worth it to find out what's going on inside me or for prevention!”

8 / 10
Brenda · Taken for less than 1 month August 14, 2019

“The taste of barium sulfate was unpleasant but bearable. The following day I was so constipated that my husband considered calling 911. It felt like a metal pipe rupturing my anus. My husband had to administer mineral oil enema up my rectum in order to relieve myself. I am a newlywed—how humiliating ”

5 / 10
Diddi · Taken for less than 1 month September 8, 2018

“I made it threw the first bottle pretty good. The taste wasnt bad at all (had the berry flavor) but the consistency is just gross. About 10 min later had a huge hit of diarrhea. After half of the second bottle i must have looked white like a ghost as everybody asked me if i was okay and i felt super sick to my stomach. It was hard to keep it down. After the scan i threw up about 8 times and had diarrhea ALL day long. Couldnt drive myself home, husband had to pick me up. I felt so weak. Also having a lot of gas and a huge headache. I am sure its needed but i hope i never have to do this again.”

5 / 10
lagbear May 5, 2018

Readi-Cat (barium sulfate): “Had this for a abdominal CT. Was like a orange creamsickle, but by no means "good" just better than expected. No heartburn, or cramps thus so far, 9 hrs past taking it. I do have a metallic taste in mouth, but not sure if it's the readicat, or iodine I had as an injected contrast as well. May just be nerves. In all, it was not bad.”

10 / 10
Jane · Taken for less than 1 month July 31, 2019

“Horrible taste. The flavor of artificial sweeteners was overwhelming. I can't tolerate artificial sweeteners. A couple of hours after drinking I had explosive diarrhea. It was terrible my stomach was cramping and I barely made it to the bathroom on several occasions. I won't drink it again.”

4 / 10
Gr8shpr August 9, 2018

Readi-Cat 2 (barium sulfate): “Here I lay Thursday having drunk two bottles of Ready-CAT2 oral (1 Sunday and 1 early Monday morning). I think I am having a reaction to the READY-CAT2 .After drinking one bottle, I felt very full, somewhat nauseous and just rather bad. (Achy joints, intestinal tightness). I called the imaging place the next morning (Monday) and was told to drink the 2nd bottle anyway. I have been having problems with IBS -C and here it is Wednesday 2 am. I was so dizzy and sweaty during the night and now I am dizzy and shaky too. I have not managed to get the READY-CAT Smoothie out of my system and it feels like I swallowed concrete. I will call both PCP, GI and Imaging place when they open. My suggestion to others might be to discuss taking READY-CAT Smoothie with the doctor for guidance before taking it, especially if you are already constipated. The vanilla smoothie tastes good but has sorbitol in it. I am obviously sensitive to something in this and know sorbitol is probably one.”

5 / 10
Amanda M August 10, 2016

“The taste of the mochacinno smoothie was very tolerable. Tasted like watered down chocolate milk but with enough flavor. I was to drink 2 450ml bottles. One before bed and one 45 mins before my scheduled ct scan. First dose went down very smoothly but caused alot of gas. Second dose was fine until about half way through where it just wasnt appetizing anymore. Second dose caused some loose stool about 30 minutes after and then evolved into pretty significant diarrhea. Definitely take the whole day off after your scan. Overall not as bad as i though it would be. Definitely drink lots of water for the following 24 hours after your scan.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 7, 2019

“No no no no! So I guess I got the orange flavor. And this was the worst thing I’ve ever had to drink in my life. The flavor wasn’t bad. But the consistency was horrible. Just too thick for me to take at once. I sat there with my Powerade and crackers trying to get it down. I spit it out twice because I was on the verge of throwing up. I’m not a dramatic person by any means, but I wish there was an easier way to prep for a CT. I get to take another bottle in the morning. Not looking forward to it”

1 / 10
Glitter19492 · Taken for less than 1 month April 19, 2016

Volumen (barium sulfate): “I took the first dose at 7:55am.I had kept both bottles in the refrigerator as instructed. The taste was not as awful as anticipated but there was so much of it that it took nearly 15 minutes to finish. I felt bloated & uncomfortable. I took the second dose at 8:20 am & had much more difficulty getting it down. Finally tossed about 4 ounces down the drain.I really thought I was going to throw it all up.I was given a cup with another half bottle of Volumen to drink as soon as I got to the clinic.That was warm & tasted worse. After waiting for 10 minutes I was taken to the room for the CT Enterography & given the second half of the bottle to drink.I was already having to urinate every 5 minutes by then but got through it.Had diarrhea all day”

4 / 10
Mimi Mitchell · Taken for less than 1 month May 31, 2014

Smoothie Readi-Cat 2 (barium sulfate): “I consumed the Berry Smoothie Readi-Cat as directed prior to a CT scan. When I was leaving, the technician handed me a bottle of water, and told me to be sure to drink enough liquids. He did not explain why. I failed to consume much water following the exam; I was busy around town doing errands and it slipped my mind. Later, I have found that there have been residual effects of some joint inflammation, that is apparent in my right knee joint area in particular. I suspect that this product has the potential to contribute to inflammation. I'm not sure if it is the barium sulfate in particular, although I had a CT scan a few years ago and don't remember this side effect. It could be the agents used to flavor it, or to keep it in suspension.”

3 / 10
Fran C January 16, 2018

“I took the Vanilla Flavored and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Drank one bottle 3 hours prior to the scan, another 1/2 bottle an hour before the scan, a 1/2 bottle 30 minutes prior to the scan and another cup immediately prior to the scan. I had been expecting diarrhea, and was surprised to find it made me constipated. I kept drinking water, however, and finally went about 3-4 hours later. If it all helps to find out the problem, it’s definitely worth it!”

10 / 10
Billella · Taken for less than 1 month October 8, 2017

Readi-Cat (barium sulfate): “Orange flavor wasn't bad but a little orange food coloring might have made the illusion a bit more convincing. Medium thick but went down without much problem. Technician assured me it was light years better than the chalky mix they used to use. Then got an injection of an unnamed diuretic and urination every 5 minutes began. Not sure if it was completely the diuretic or the barium was a contributor but it continued right up to PET time. I warned them so they procured a plastic urinal and wrapped an diaper around me on the table. Neither got used during the 15 minute scan but it took a lot of clenched sphincter action to prevent a mess. Ten seconds off the table the urinal got used.”

7 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 1, 2013

“About 15 minutes after drinking the second bottle the diarrhea started. It was pretty severe and made it difficult to get through the CT Scan. It was followed by nausea and some weakness. It started early in the morning and is lasting well into the night.”

4 / 10
willypickle June 29, 2016

“No problems drinking 28 ounces and half an hour later drinking second 28 ounces, both vanilla flavored. About 3 1/2 hours after procedure, diarrhea started and, oh my, it continued for 4 hours, almost non-stop. Not fun! I might as well have been preparing for a colonoscopy.”

3 / 10
Spencerlucy331 · Taken for less than 1 month August 25, 2020

“I had to drink one bottle of the Berry smoothie wasn't as bad as what my coworkers told me it would taste like. Had a hard time getting it down because it made me feel full very quickly. Almost made me vomit. The rest of the day went ok other than a major headache. The next day I couldn't stop going to the bathroom, but the nurse did say if I hadn't had a bowel movement in 48 hours to call my GP, needless to say I haven't had to call her.”

8 / 10
Kevin · Taken for less than 1 month January 22, 2019

“Had no issues at all drinking readi cat 2. I read reviews it which had me worried but no side effects - nothing, so no worries. I hope my post helps”

10 / 10
BigMak2014 · Taken for less than 1 month December 21, 2015

Readi-Cat 2 (barium sulfate): “Tastes so nasty made me want to throw up even more.”

1 / 10
brentp · Taken for less than 1 month November 30, 2013

“Barium swallow test for difficulty swallowing. The contrast mixture was very thick and had a chalky taste. I gagged twice due to the unpleasant taste and thick consistency. The test was successful.”

5 / 10
clownllama November 2, 2017

“Didn't taste bad at all. You just have to take it!. Did give me diarrhea though.”

10 / 10

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