New member here... ‚ÄčI started taking Ambien 5mg around 1994, switching to generic Zolpidem 5 mg when it became available in 2007. As long as I didn't eat prior to taking the medication it worked. I was able to fall asleep & sleep well. One day several years ago I received a Zolpidem refill that DIDN'T work. It came from Teva Pharmaceuticals. After that I arranged to ONLY get my Zolp. from Mylan, but their facility in Puerto Rico was destroyed (?) by Hurricane Irma in 2017. I then got Zolp. from Aurobindo (white pills) and they didn't work. Since then my refills have been from Torrent Pharmaceuticals ("peach-yellow" pills) and they DO work. My conclusions and advice are 1) Keep a record of the MANUFACTURERS of the pills you take as well as their COLOR and SHAPE so that you will be aware if anything has changed when you get refills, and 2) In my experience the oblong/elliptical peach-yellow tablets (10 mg) are the ones that WORK, whereas the white tablets do not. I switched to a different PDP (prescription drug plan) this year (2022) and the Zolp. tablets I recently received from North Star were white, so I refused to purchase them. The pharmacy then requested the pills from Torrent, but Torrent had RUN OUT of them (supply chain issues ?) so at the moment I am suffering with sleep issues until I can get this resolved. Update: I've now contacted three different pharmacies (Publix, CVS, Walmart) and two have been able to see on their computers that Torrent is OUT OF STOCK on Zolpidem 10mg pills with no projected date of replenishment. The third pharmacy is not able to look up whether Torrent has a supply issue. So I have two questions for this group. 1) Has anyone else come to my same conclusion that the white-colored Zolpidem 10mg pills do not work and that the peach-colored pills DO work ? 2) If you are receiving peach-colored pills, which manufacturer are you getting them from ?