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On Zoloft for two months, fell great but have dilated pupils with severe eye glare and headaches?

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3 Jun 2012

Hi, severe or persistent headaches and vision changes are listed as severe side effects and warrant immediate medical advice. Please get in touch with your doctor or local ER asap to get advice and treatment. I'm sure you will be OK but best to be safe than sorry...

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Anonymous 3 Jun 2012

I agree Delila and well said. Have a wonderfull Sunday.

Delila 3 Jun 2012

Thank you Pledge, you too! : )

3 Jun 2012

Also, Zoloft causes autonomic nervous system symptoms, such as sweating, dry mouth and pupil dilatation. This causes light sensitivity and head ache. In this case glasses with glare proofing and sunglasses help in this case. It is worth an evaluation by a dr to determine which this is.

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3 Jun 2012

Agree with Delila and pledge. There are many SSRI's available for use with your diagnosis, usually you can swap out one for another. That has been my experience with those types of meds...
Peace and feel better, call on Monday, don't wait.

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3 Jun 2012

These sides are considered serious enough to have you contact the prescribing physician right away. Please do so. Hope this helps.

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