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Should you take Zoloft 50mg and Prozac 20mg together?

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chuck1957 31 March 2017

Yes, Stephanie; It really could go either way. I have seen people take even stronger ones. But because the doctor called one in and then called the other in I would want exact directions. So have you or the Pharmacy call the doctor tomorrow to make sure. At the very least he or she could or should have told you they were going to change your medication. Start with the doctor tomorrow and if no answer calls the pharmacy and see what they phoned in and ask if the doctor said anything about you taking both. It put's us in the pharmacy in a bad way some of the doctors think they are god and don't stay on the phone long enough for us to verify what they are doing. or they are in a hurry to hit the golf course. let's get this figured out. even though it is common for some to take several different SSRI BUT THE HAVE TO LOOK CLOSER FOR THE SEROTINE SYNDROM. BUT IT REALLY IS VERY RARE. lIKE ME, FOR INSTANCE, i TAKE Effexor XR, Wellbutrin sr, and Prozac twice a week.

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Stephanie Bledsoe 31 March 2017

I stopped them both and have another appt with the dr. The dr said she replaced one with the other so I should've just been taking one. NOT BOTH! But I didn't know and pharmacy filled both and so when my husband picked my script up both were in there and I just took them as prescribed as instructed. WAS NOT GOOD!!! Was at ER within 5 hours! Thank you for sharing info with me

Blessed716 2 April 2017

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to hear you had to seek emergency treatment. I'm sorry this is your first experience with antidepressants. They really help a great many people, but the trial and error is rough. I hope you have a great support network. I have learned this forum is great for a quick lean on. Take care, and let us know how you're doing! Best wishes!

Blessed716 30 March 2017

Hi Stephanie,

Wow, that's and interesting combination as they are in a similar class (SSRI), I would call the physician for clarification. Taking multiple SSRIs place you at risk for a reaction called Serotonin Syndrome. It may have been an oversight or last minute change. Although both are relatively low doses, your doctor may want to wean you off one slowly. Because of the increased risk, I would call right away, From a personal perspective Prozac caused me a great deal of insomnia and I have never tried Zoloft. In my reading from other supporters, Zoloft may be sedating. Of the two, I hope you find the right one and get to feeling better soon. Good luck on this journey and let us know how your doing.

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sapphire2011 30 March 2017

Hi Stephanie - do you mean that you will be taking them together all the time or are you starting one while weaning off of the other?

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Stephanie Bledsoe 30 March 2017

The Dr prescribed Zoloft and called it in to the pharmacy and then I guess called it in to change it to Prozac. I was supposed to take it at bedtime to help make me sleep as well as for my anxiety. Pharmacy filled both and I didn't know so I just picked up my meds and took them as prescribed and well I will tell you I sure didn't sleep!

Inactive 30 March 2017

Oh my that's a alot together and no I have never heard off both prescribed together. Prozac I tried many yrs ago and I ran like the energizer bunny for on month. I was so hyper. I just stopped immediately. Zoloft alone is a much better choice.

Inactive 30 March 2017

Feel better step and keep us posted. I'm surprised your pharmacy didn't say anything about a possible mixup. They should have called the Dr to double check.

Stephanie Bledsoe 31 March 2017

Thank you both so much for your help! free discount card

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