Today my new primary Dr gave me sample pack of Viibryd. I told her that my insurance wouldn't pay for drug but she said well you've tried many of the others so it should. My B/C medicare plan only pays for generic. Any ideas or do I call tomorrow and get different drug. In the past I've taken Cybalta, Lexapro, venlafaxine and Prozac. I am down in the dumbs as it is taking so long to get diagnosis for lungs. They told me in June the CT showed interstitial lung (PF). The second scan showed it was somewhat clearing,O2 70% at night(based on night O2 study) and was 92 during day. So I'm still waiting on sleep study which is Sunday. I have had severe chest pains for 6 months. Pretty much ruled out heart from echo. I have a number of other serious issues going on but I can't take the wait anymore. Anybody have any suggestions on a drug that might work sooner. I don't like pain pills but she did give me muscle relaxers-haven't tried today. Thanks Peggy