I had been taking hydrocodone with tylenol for years, and being highly concerned about the long term consequences not to mention it wasn't really providing any relief. I asked the doctor if there was a long acting medication
I could take without additives that I didn't have to take a handful a day with less risk. Well I was first given Moraphine ER 30mg twice a day, which caused unpleasant side affects, so they went onto giving me straight oxycodone and methadadone 10mg 3x day. Other than a headache and bad sweats it seemed to be manageable to the first 10 days, but after that the side effects grew in numbers to include the above along with muscle spasms so bad I don't think I can use that as an example it was more like all my limbs from head to toe were jumping all over the place, the night sweats were severe to the point of soaking my clother and bedding and needless to say no sleep. I had a continuous horrific headache along with constipation that nothing including prescription laxtive helped. I was shaking anxtious and not to mention affraid to stop them all at once because of the withdrawl effects I had read about. Seems to me withdrawls can't possibly be any worse that the side affects I suffered. Is there any relief out there?