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Can you drink a monster while on zoloft?

4 Answers

Dottie470878 30 Aug 2021

Can you drink monster drinks while taking zoloft and it can affect the medicine

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hollywoodfdc 9 Aug 2012

hi im on zoloft 150mg, i drank a relentless energy drink half hour later i felt disorientated tummy upset felling sick and restless, i would not recommend drinking any energy drinks on zoloft the side effects make u feel crap, also my eyes were shaking n my hands alot and the headache just knocks you off your feet!!! never again will i drink an energy drink on medication thats my story hope it helpt, this happend today and lucky i came across this site i was trying to find side effects.

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Inactive 21 Feb 2012

Hello k gaff. Not advised. Theres a good chance that you'll possibly having cardiac as well as BP problems/difficulties. Best of wishes and good health to you,pledge

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zeynab.siahnouri 21 Feb 2012

In studies taking with zoloft has no direct interaction,but I don't recommend Monster energy drinks at any time especially when you have a mood disorder.because They contain a large amount of caffeine and excess consumption of monster lead to rapid heart rate and tremor
I suggest you a cup of coffee or tea or even a regular soda.

good luck.

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