This is kind of odd to ask - but I was giving my girlfriend (of 3+years) oral (lightly licking, rather) - long story short, I stopped and asked her to adjust so I could better see it and it was whitish yellow discharge on the side of her vagina.

It doesn't smell at all (other than what a vagina typically smells like) and she hasn't had any itching or burning. She had just got out of the shower about 20 minutes and prior; where she shaved and urinated after that.

My main concern here is a yeast infection. But it almost looked like toilet paper residue. Also; it wasn't around the entry to the vagina. I'm more so worried about an oral yeast infection - well; the pain that come with one.

We're both fairly healthy - she's 18 and I'm 20. We've only had sexual contact with each other over 3 years or so. Never once have any of us been unfaithful.

I'm really freaking out because the anxiety of a health problem has began to rear its ugly face...

Any ideas?