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Xanax - WHAT IS STRONGER 0.25 OR 0.5?


Laurapiekema 25 Sep 2019

Dude! Why be a “Total Dick” about it?
Hugh? You just couldn’t answer the question you had to go and degrade the person. Right?
Unfortunately... The odds are that, the person ( I’m referring to whom wrote the question Mr. Tough Guy) is Fully aware of the Mg.s.
No Need to Put People Down For NO APPARENT REASON!

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jk13 8 Oct 2010

.25 = less, and therefore is less strong
0.5 = more, and therefore is more strong
The drug is the same either way, it's just a matter of taking more or less of it at a time. More drug, more effective effects, as well as more side effects, and I'm assuming that you mean mg's...

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