I suffer with Panic attacks which I feel I can control most of the time , my problem is driving , I am ok in my area , and I don't get a panick attack , but if I have to drive far, for example longer than 15 minutes , I fear of getting a Panic Attack, especially if going under a tunnel or lots of traffic , I feel my head goes funny, I get hot sweats and fear of fainting while driving and feel I am in not in control , I know it's all in my head
My Question is , would Xanax help a panick Attack coming on, if taking Xanax before going somewhere far , or if there is traffic ,
If I was to take the tablet as needed before going on my longer drive , with out stressing that I will get a panic attack .
Would love have a normal life as I feel very restricted
I have got a prescription from a Doctor here 250 mg
Would very much love your advice