At 70, and after 12 years of disability and a spine that cannot be fixed and being told I'd have to learn to live with it, my doctor says he can no longer prescribe an opioid (Norco) with a benzodiazapine (Xanax) because the government said so. I have tried multiple other drugs for my anxiety and they all interfere with my heart (palpitations, fast BPM). I don't think they understand that as the pain increases, the anxiety does too. I don't have pain free days. What else can I do? My life is a painful one filled with stress and I have been cut back on the Xanax and cannot get something stronger to stop the pain. I have had the same doctor for 28 years and he knows me well, and he is a good one. I have never taken an illegal drug. My fear is that I may have a stress induced heart attack at anytime now. Also, I am recently widowed, still active, love helping others and would like to travel. And they wonder why I'm depressed!