i suffer from panic attacks ever since i was almost kidnapped in middle school. i take .5 mg of xanax a day and 1 mg if i am having a panic attack. i ALWAYS have panic attacks just at a teeth cleaning... i am going back to the dentist who is new to me to get a few fillings fixed. he perscribed me to take 10 mg of valium before i go, but i have researched and learned that that dose is equal to my normal dose of xanax... i would like to know a proper dose of valium to take because i am even getting a panic attack writing this right now. i also dont want to take more than perscribed for fear of overdose. if anyone can help me figure out how much i can take to be COMPLETELY CALM that would be much appreciated. i have my mother to drive me to and from... so driving wont be an issue. thank you!