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Will tramadol show up as a narcotic or at all in your system in a urine test and how long in system?

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Nik.Nikita 4 Mar 2011

Tramadol or Ultram is not listed A's a narcotic at this time through DEA, however, this drug is addicting, just A's much so A's vicodin. A's far as a urine test?? it will only show up if they test specifically for Tramadol. Every drug test is different, and test for several different drugs. it won't show up A's just a narcotic, it will only show up A's tramadol if they test for tramadol. If they are testing for vicodin, or oxycontin ect.. It won't show up. Good luck!! NIK. P.S. If they test for tramadol, it could show up to 30days after taken.

beaatch1 30 Nov 2011

I was a nurse for six years and Yes that will show up on a drug screen. there is no such thing as testing for certain pills. A tramadol comes up on a test just like vicodin.or any pain killer for that matter. The test will say opiate. but if u know when your test is. you can stop taking it 72 hours before and it will not show up.Dont let anybody tell u different.Xanax will come up as a barbitiate. weed says thc, cocaine says cocaine so on and so forth. remember 95% of drugs will be out of your system in 3 days. Except mary jane. hope this helps

TheRaven13 29 Feb 2012

xanax is a benzodiazipine!

KStevensMorone 30 Aug 2016

Yes it is... Xanax is a benzodiazeprine not a barbiturate.

Barwench3110 18 days ago

Yes benzodiazaprin is the name of your xanax. But xanax is a barbiturate.

KStevensMorone 16 days ago

Look it up. It's a benzo

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