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Will smoking damania show up on a drug test?


christineATU 10 May 2010

Interesting question!! I copied this info about this herbal remedy.

"Damiana has been used as an aphrodisiac, to treat headaches, and to aid in the control of bed wetting.

Damiana has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety, effectiveness, or purity. All potential risks and/or advantages of damiana may not be known. Additionally, there are no regulated manufacturing standards in place for these compounds. There have been instances where herbal/health supplements have been sold which were contaminated with toxic metals or other drugs. Herbal/health supplements should be purchased from a reliable source to minimize the risk of contamination."

Read more:

Since it is not recognized by the FDA, it's not marijuana, opiate, or an illicit drug, and is completely legal, I doubt they would test for it nor would it show up as anything but what it is, a herbal natural remedy.

I would be interested in finding out what the results are. By the way, how does it work for you? Does it help?

Good luck to you,

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