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Where can I buy fentanyl cheap or what else will work just as good,im out of my meds in pain?

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Lolo321 4 Feb 2023

Did you end up finding a place to buy fentanyl for cheap? I need to buy some

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14Whiteboy88 21 Jan 2023

Where can I purchase a fentanyl?

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Patrick Schwab 19 July 2022

Want to buy fentanyl powder online or over phone???

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Johnodonnell772 1 Aug 2022

Either way!!

14Whiteboy88 21 Jan 2023

Yes, looking to purchase fentanyl

LaurieShay 3 May 2011

Hey tickledpink,

Fentanyl comes in several forms: patches and lollipops (Actiq) for example, and has numerous manufacturers. If you call your pharmacy and ask the manufacturer of the fentanyl formula you have been taking, then ask the phone number of the manufacturer, you can call them and see if they have a patient assisatnce program to help with the cost of the medicine.

In the meantime, please contact the prescribing doctor and see if he/she will prescribe a comparable med that is cheaper. Worth a try.

Best wishes,


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jaypee 3 May 2011

Lauri what r lolli pops?describe them to me please.those patche ron between 250 to 300 hungred dollars depending on the strenth i know 1 50 mg pathch is 33.00 @ much r oxys?they must be expensive... i mean oxy cotin not codone.

LaurieShay 3 May 2011

Actiq is a form of fentanyl that is a lollipop that you suck on to dispense the medication. It is prescribed for opoid tolerant patients experiencing moderate to severe pain. It is expensive too.

BRRMARS 3 May 2011

Methadone is a good substitue for fentnyl, as fentnyl is very expensive. are you seeing a doctor maybe suggest that, i get 360 pills a month cash for $44.

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jaypee 3 May 2011

Yep it sure is dr back home after coming out of the hospital had given me a choice so because of the expence i chose glad i did cause they cut me off the pain clinic.& i couldnt get an appt fast enough anyway.i i would have really been n some deap when i had got a dr. he wouldnt fill my methadone cause he didnt have a liscenecs was his excuse.i wonder if i had been on fen. would he.he also said that it was neglagent for my dr not to get me n right sorry but a snow storm came ,i went into severe withdrawls tried 2 take saboxone wich i got worse & had heart faliure.& now i cant find a if i were u i woulldnt wait.they r so judgemental.methadone is easyier in some instances.& u r right theese phones r the pits... lol

BRRMARS 3 May 2011

lol, and the typing could take forever and ever and ever.

jaypee 3 May 2011

Lmbo.& it does.brrr.but after this settlement next month no more picking on blessed my hands r cramped been on here all day! & dont u laugh eighther... lol

BRRMARS 3 May 2011

I have to laugh LOL... I was just like you till i got my settlment and got a MAC.

InPainalways2 12 March 2021

Where do you get them? Please help me.

jaypee 3 May 2011

R u serious?u need to got to the emergency room.i had messed up1 of my patches 1 time and thats what i did after wearing the last 1 i had for 6 daays.the bottom of my stomach hurt so bad that i walked 2 the hospital.the dr looked @ me like i was crazy but he saw i had 2 days to go.yes im in with maayo wich sticks can b good as well cause @ least he noticed i was on fentynl but if u have over done it then u will have to go another route.there is nothing u cn buy except oxys. fentnyl is not cheap.

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