I would like to post this question again.

My doctor at Scripps has been trying to get me to take blood pressure medications for a year now. At one point his nurse actually told me that they didn't want to see me again if I didn't take medication. My blood pressure when they take it at Scripps is around 130/90. When I went in for eye lid surgery a few months ago at a different medical group my blood pressure during surgery was reported as114/76. When I check it at drug stores and other places it is never over 120/80. When I check it at home it is usually below 120/80. I use an OMRON HEM-775 machine at home and just checked it: 118/79

Could it be that the nurses and doctors at Scripps do not know how to take blood pressure or they are trying to get everone over 55 to take blood pressure medications? And I wonder if Scripps is trying to get as many patients on blood pressure medications as possible to create a large control group that can be studied in the future?

I certainly don't want a stroke or heart attack, but on the other hand I don't want to be on medications that I don't need. At what point should I take blood pressure medications?

Yesterday I received the results of my blood work and everything is normal.