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What xanax are better,the round ones with a R or the football shape ones?


teal 17 Feb 2010

what mg are you on? obviously the higher the mg,the better it's going to work. what your really asking is what mg is the round one's with an R,and what mg is the football shaped ones,first,they are all different shapes and sizes,and colors,because it depends on what brand it is,generic,brand name,and what company that specific pharmacy get's their meds from,so they are all different. what brand are they? if you dont know the mg,then im assuming your not prescribed these meds correct? im not trying to be mean,but i sure dont want to help someone to do something that can hurt them,but if you want your question answered,you need more info,and im sure someone here will tell you what you want to know,or how to look it up,and where,i just dont want to be apart of that. Im not trying to be all smart ass,or judging you or anything like that,it's your life,but again i care about ppl and wouldnt want to help them hurt themselves. If im wrong,then i give my biggest apologies to you,truly!!! if you are not prescribed xanax,then i hope you wont take them,soon down the road,you will be caught up in the biggest crap hole of your life,and will have a hell of a life trying to get off,i say this and am like this because i care,and because my own son is now in jail because of drugs,and im happy to the point that now he's clean,and hope he gets sentenced to rehab,which i pleaded to the judge to do because he's young enough 19,and can turn his life around and make something of himself,so dont take what i said personally,im not prejudice about anything,but i do care,again though,if im wrong about this,then im truly truly sorry,and then suggest that you give more information about the med itself.

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jus29 17 Feb 2010

iwas on the 2mg for several years then i got off of them then my doctor just put me back on .5mg and he said he would up them as my body gets used to them again so this month i should go up to 1mg.i just here from some people that the footballs are better and the rounds ones are not as good.i will be 30 in april i have chronic back problems.i been on pain meds since i been 18yrs old and will prob be on them the rest of my life

teal 17 Feb 2010

me too with the back thing. so your asking basically about not the mg,but whether the generic's are as good as the brand name? ya know,i've wondered that myself,but have been told that generic are just as good,yet been told by others that the brand names are better because they put additives in them or something like that,and really arent as strong as the brand name,but i cant say for sure one way or the other. I get the generic 2mg,they are yellow bars,but they work,so i guess it doesnt matter,lol,for me anyway,if it's working then that's what matter's. I apologize again to you!!!

Djb4976 27 June 2018

Both the round pills and football shaped ones are 1mg. If someone tells you that one is better than the other than either it's in their head, or sometimes, u can get fresher ones than the other, which would make one seem more effective than a less fresh one. What I mean by stale or fresh is how much time elapsed between manufacturing of pill, and the time you ingest it. If u want to potentiate (intensify) the effects of the Xanax, drink a large amount of white grapefruit juice, at least 32oz. Then wait approximately an hour and then take ur xans. I have been prescribed Xanax for 19+ years straight. And every word I said is fact. free discount card

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