i recently spent some time in holland and i ran out of my normal anxiety medication lorazepam. my dosage was 1mg twice daily. so i went to see a family doctor and he referred me to a psychiatrist that simply asked me what i was prescribed and my dosage and then handed me a bottle of pills after he printed a label for it. The psychiatrist that gave them to me said they were xanax and had alprazolam 1mg printed on the bottle but i have been prescribed to xanax before and i have never seen this type of pill. it was simply put a small round light blue tablet with no markings, scores, imprints or anything to identify it and im wondering if what he gave me was actually xanax or just a placebo because it seemed to work for the first week but didnt last very long and slowly began to not control my anxiety throughout the day. i dont know if it was the lorazepam slowly leaving my system and the tablets were a placebo or if it was just a low dosage of xanax or a high tolerance to benzodiazapines or what. can someone please help? i wanna know if i was taking some strange med or if the dutch dr actually gave me xanax and i have no way of knowing since theres a couple hundred different round blue pills out there with no markings on them.