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What is best time of day to apply Androgel?

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Inactive 30 Oct 2019

After a early morning shower at approximately the same time. Or if I'm going to the gym early morning (7am) after my post work out shower.

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Studfinder 24 Dec 2010

I would think that application of any low-T gel would do better the longer it was in place, in contact with your skin. Therefore, if you apply it after a morning shower, it would have the longest period of contact through the day, under your clothes.
If applied later, it might be a shorter period before a shower, bath, swim or love-making.
Of course, you'll want to shower and wash to remove the drug before engaging in any close quarters love-making, so as not to expose your partner to the drug. Recently the makers of these low-T drugs have been instructed by the feds to increase warning lables after frequent reports of kids and partner developing male characterists from cross-contaimination.

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Rajive Goel 31 July 2010

Apply AndroGel at the same time each day, preferably in the morning. Apply it to clean, dry, healthy skin on the shoulders, upper arms, and/or abdomen (stomach).

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jnoh 5 Sep 2010

Why is it preferable to apply in the morning? If applied in the evening, wouldn't the effect be the same? Thanks for your answer in advance.

Studfinder 11 May 2011

I believe the thinking is that a clean, dry skin will add in absorbing it through the skin, directly to the muscles that will see an impact. If applied at night, when going to bed, you might either rub it off on your sheets, or on your nightshirt... or worse, be inspired to have sex with your sleeping partner, and risk cross-communication to them... which the manufacturer and the FDA is fighting against occurring. Far less chance of this happening if you apply it in the more when dressing, and having it under your T-shirt for the majority of the day... showering it off before sex, contact, or retiring for bed. free discount card

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