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What is another drug simular to adderall?

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Springer10 6 Aug 2010

The two respondents have covered the bases for alternatives to adderall, although I would stay away from dexedrine(dexies) as it is pure d-amphetamine and more closely related to methamphetamine. Of all the amphetamine groups I have had the best results from Vyvanse. If you have not been on the amphetamines for long I'd try the Strattera or Concerta first.

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natty bumpo 2 Aug 2010

The medication most similar to Adderall is Vyvanse. Vyvanse was developed by the same company (Shire) that produced Adderall. Vyvanse was put on the market just as generic copies of Adderall were allowed.

Vyvanse, once digested in your gut, releases d-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine); Adderall is comprised of both d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine (but the d-amphetamine form is considered the more potent).

The next-closest medication to Adderall would be Dexadrine or any of its generics or long-acting varieties. Dexadrine's active ingredient is d-amphetamine.

Although Ritilan and its variations is a stimulant medication, it does not contain any amphetamine, so it isn't in the same grouping as the above. Ritilan's active ingredient is methylphenidate, not amphetamine.

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arcanoidcyst16 28 July 2010

I take a drug similar to Adderal.It is called (Concerta)the main active ingredient in it is called methylphenidate.This medication also last a full 12 hours.This is why it is called Extended Release.Hope this helps:)There are also stuff like mrspage mentioned non-amphetamine kind like strattera,etc.I wish the best of luck to you and I hope you find a medication that can actually work for you my friend.

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Inactive 26 July 2010

Vyvanse,ridlin,and concerta my son takes adderall and it has worked really well for him.

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Inactive 26 July 2010

These all contain the amphetamine drug if that is what you are looking for. If its not they make intuniv which is a new adhd med that contains no amphetamines but if you or someone else has been taking adderall it would be a big jump from the adderall to a non amphetamine drug. Which is not good cause you need to ween off anything that contains the amphetamine drug(stimulant).

Cancerianqueen69 15 Aug 2016

My son is currently taking Adderall 15 milligram in the morning and a 10 milligram in the afternoon. We have just recently went through a huge move and his afternoon meds were lost. He just started cool and I'm having issues with him acting up because of the lack of having his second dose. So I am just wondering if there is anything at all until I can get his refill which by the way is only in a few more days. But in the meantime I am wanting to know if there's anything over the counter that is similar to that medication or something that can calm a child that has ADHD? free discount card

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