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What happens if you take a med that is a year past code date?


Thor283 8 Jan 2012

It may vary with which drug it is. Most drugs don't become inert on the 1st day past expatriation date. It also depends on if you have the expiration date on the bottle the pills came in, or the date the pharmacy put on their bottle. Usually the drug still works, it's just not as strong as it once was. But I seem to remember once reading not to take doxycycline past it's expiration date. Not sure why. But as I said, usually the drug is just weaker, but it still works.

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Inactive 9 Jan 2012

My husband got me some kaopectate the other day & the ezxpiration date was 6-11, but I didn't notice it until I had opened it.I called my phamatist & he said it was not gfood. to either take it back because they shouldn't be selling it anyway, or just dump it as it was ineffective, I hd already taken a dose & he was rright it wasn't effective at all. Since My hubby had thrown away the receipt we couldnt' take it back, so be sure to check experation dates on stuff you buy OTC, & with your meds, check with your pharmatist. I have heard where some can actually increase in potence, but most are more or less ineffective... Mary free discount card

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