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What happens if my Enbrel was at room temperature for 24 hours?

3 Answers

Texasaaa 15 Oct 2022

Do not refrigerate if it gets to room temperature? It does not say you can’t use it? It’s $6000 an injection!!! Does it kill you? Does it harm you or just not work as well. This subject needs to be clarified!

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charlyecc 23 March 2010

if i were you, i would call the 800 number for enbrel. they have nurses that answer the phones that help with the medical aspect. they also have insurance people that help you with co-pays and those kind of dilema's. but i bet if you call them, you would know for sure what to do. they really are nice

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suzanne66 22 March 2010

If Enbrel is not stored correctly its safety and efficacy can not be guaranteed. You should throw it away.

This is from the FDA Enbrel drug monograph:

"... Do not use Enbrel® beyond the expiration date stamped on the carton or barrel label. Enbrel® must be refrigerated at 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F). DO NOT FREEZE. Keep the product in the original carton to protect from light until the time of use. Do not shake."

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