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What does a "bar" of xanax look like?

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Missyanndavis 9 Dec 2020

Does the white Xanax bars have any imprints on them my friend has a white Xanax bar with four squares but there is no imprints on either side

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Kev42 16 April 2012

basicly imagine 3 or 4 small squares in a rectangle shape that always starts with a letter like the white would be G/3/7/2/2 which is 2mg same with the lite green but only it has S/90/3 They both are 2mg zanex bars. There is no time release on them. But they are very strong and should only be taking perscribed by your doctor. Who would start you on a way smaller dosage then the zany bars. Like the .25 .5 or 1.0 white, peach, or blue and green football shape zanex with a G and number on them also. With a slash through the middle. Always make sure you know what you are taking before you just take the word from someone else. As they can easily lie to you. Because they also make zanex now a days that are in a circle. Just like a claudapin would look like. And No children should have these. As it treated for severe anxitey. But there are other drugs like claudapins that are less addictive and will do the same trick for you.


But only take what the bottle perscribes or you will create yourself and addiction problem. Which your body will rely on them if not taken with care!! And if that happens you will have a bigger problem then you started with. As you will be sick and not be able to function without them. If you take a perscribed you have a very unlikely chance at becoming an addict. But once you become an addict it could take you several years to just come off of them. Never mix them with other drugs or alcohol. As it can cause severe or deadly damage. But you may not know. And could die in your sleep. As i had a good friend that went down that road. Im only trying to save someone else from making these mistakes. Just listen to your Dr. and ask him questions. As some will perscribe you these things and not tell you the cosaquences that could be deadly. Please be careful and never take anything you do not know about!

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cateyes01 3 Nov 2011

green, white, or yellow, green has S/90/3
be careful they are very addicting, as an LPN, I try to give my patients something else for anxiety, klonopin is better. Less effective though.
Xanax is a lot stronger.
Is the green time released, is there a differents between colors?
I know I am a nurse, but I specialize in pediatrics, therefore, I am unaware of the difference and do not want to ask any body at my job.
thank you for your help

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Cats Meow 1 June 2009

Xanax or Alprazolam "bars" are rectangular, yellow, green or white, imprints are R 039, S 903, G 3722 GG 249, Xanax 2. You can see images of Alprazolam at, just type it in.

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