I have only 4 lexapro left, they are 116.00 I can't buy them. I have filled out a form with Forrest to see if I can get help getting them. But his is going to take about a month and the doc just sent the forms in last week. I called the doc today and he said all he could do was put me on Celexa til we see if I qualify for the lexapro program. I did take celexa for a very short time, mabe just a week or 2 and I took them at night and when I would get up I would feel dizzy or drunk. But thats back when I was really bad and worried about taking new meds and scared. I have to call the doc back tomorrow and tell him if I want him to call in the celexa. So what do I do and will I just go from the lexapro to the celexa? Has anyone got any info on celexa and what I have explained. HELP!!! PLEASE!!! Von