... full of anxiety, the second day i felt my anxiety lift a bit and I had a brain zap and then a burst of energy that was kind oof uncontrolable.. I managed. then i felt very anxious and brain was speedy. then later on that night I had a feeling of needing to keep yawning and swallowing like my throat was the size of a pea. then I had feelings that i needed to scream and cry. then it happened I went into a bout of crying with incredible shakiness, couldnt even hold my glass of water. Then i felt a bit anxious and then i felt fine all in one day. I wnt to bed that night, i was tired... after that day who wouldnt be. I had horrible dreams and then went back to slee and had a good dream. I am confused. my mind is racing faster thatn my body can keep up. I also do not have insurance so i do not have anybody to go over this with, just my pharmacists which tells me to stop taking it. Can sombody tell me if this is going to go away after sometime or has anybody else had these side affects and what did you do? i am very sensative to meds i usally can tell if somthing is going to work in the first few days but this one is confusing to me. I am still depressed