I'm a 33 year old female who's been taking Cipralex/Celexa since my teens with some on and offs when I thought my depression was lessening. When I was on Cipralex only I was like a zombie, no emotions and lethargic all the time, it got worse after 2 pregnancies. Finally my husband spoke up and I saw my Dr about it. I had read that Welbutrin effected the neurones differently and could increase emotional/sexual response. At first I was taking 10mg of Cipralex and 150mg of Welbutrin and it improved my energy and my mood wonderfully so after a month or so my Dr said to stop the Cipralex and take 300mg of Welbutrin daily. The first few days were nice, I actually felt like getting up in the morning, I had more patience and played with my kids more. Now it's been almost a week and a half and I feel like my emotions are in overload. I'm frustrated and angered by the smallest thing, I have no patience with my kids and I feel like crying all the time for no reason. Is this just my neurones trying to get used to the full strength Welbutrin? Has anyone felt anything so over-the-top and then had the effects diminish over time? I'm hesitant to stop or call my Dr since I know sometimes it can take up to month for the full effect to kick in but honestly this frightens me. Thanks any feedback