Hello, I would really appreciate it if someone could answer me asap. So today I took an 300mg wellbutrin pill sometime at 11 in the morning. Then i took 40 mg vyvanse. At around 6, instead of taking klonopin, I accidentally took another wellbutrin. Upon discovering my mistake I took 0.5 mg of klonopin, as I'm aware of it's anti-seizure effect. I also thought I would get a panic attack because of taking 600 mg of wellbutrin. Well so far its okayish. I think I'm a bit warmer than usual. I also have some brief but acute headaches. I dont have any history of seizures, so I have no idea about what are the possible symptoms, well apart from losing consciouness, muscle contraction etc.

So my questions would be
Should I take more klonopin? Its been 4 hours since I took wellbutrin. But its an extended release so I dont know when Im most vulnerable to get a seizure.
Second question, do i need to call emergency if Im having a seizure? I have a friend with me, and Im home.

Thank you