... thought was the best form of birth control {since I never had any issues with it- until then}. Did not find out I was even pregnant until I was six MONTHS {since you can go without bleeding with Mirena, it was not out of the ordinary}. Even worst part about it is that I found out... on my HONEYMOON. Now if you can put yourself in my shoes, I thought it was as unbelievable as my OBGYN did, given rarity of the situation {only 2 in 1000}. And of course I thought of everything I did the past 6 months that you are not supposed to do during pregnancy. I was smoking, I was drinking, I was doing shots at the bar at my hubby's 21st birtday. WOW. Unbelieveable. I had no words. Completely speechless. And now I had to bear the fact that this thing is in me SOMEWHERE, and in very close proximity to my baby inside me. The odds of something happening to this baby now that the Mirena is somewhere near it, was pretty good. Scary to say the least. And even scarier considering I had my first child young, which is the only reason I got this dumb thing, to prevent pregnancy, at least for awhile! The only postitive thing to come out of this is I had a happy and surprisingly healthy baby girl, born only a week early, January 8, 2014. Had to have an ultrasound and TWO xrays to even find the damn thing inside me. Now I have to have lapriscopic surgery to surgically remove it since it traveled down, outside of my uterus. VERY SCARY.To say the least I am not looking forward to this surgery at all. I certainly am never getting this form of birth control ever again. I myself would NEVER recommend this to anyone, considering all of the pain and suffering i have endured through this rough patch in my life. Hopefully someone that may be in my shoes can take something from my story and learn from it. I guess the question I want to ask is, how in the world do you go about talking to the Mirena corporation, to complain about this and make a claim? I see all those commercials on Tv but they look too generic for me to believe that they're real. Someone help me!!