I have so much trouble with Spironotactone and headaches. How can I help this? Avoiding certain foods? My high blood pressure med is Micardis and only 20 mg - would that affect it? I was on Metformin, but I took a break from it because I was having a lot of breathing problems and I feel better since not taking Metformin - which I could use all the help with it too if possible. I take Spironolactone for Acne. I do Not have Diabetes. It is debatable, depending on which doctor you ask, if I am officially "insulin resistant." My periods are fine when not on Spironolactone, but when I take it, those get out of whack or multiplied. But, the worse thing is the headaches, especially after being asleep. I was taking Spironolactone at night. Is it a problem to take half a pill? What can I do? Is there a time of day that is better? Certain foods to avoid? Would Micardis, Xanax, Levothyroxine, or Metformin interfer? My acne is out of control again (know it is cause by POS) and I keep going off Spironolactone. Please help me combate the side effects!!! By the way, with the Metformin, if I am not taking it, what are some other ways I can get the cells to absorb the food? What do you think about Metformin and Shortness of Breath. I figured out that started taking one pill a day around the time I first ever mentioned shortness of breath to my doctor. Then, over the summer, I had started taking two pills a day like on the instructions on the bottle, and that is around the time I started having overwhelming problems with shortness of breath. Right this minute though, I need to get back on Sprironlactone. I need to find out how to do this successfully this time!