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Tramadol - I have been diagnosed with vision problems caused by drug toxicity?

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balbanese 25 May 2012

Maybe you took too much of it?

retirednana 25 May 2012

I only take the prescribed amount

balbanese 25 May 2012

Well then Lisa beat me to it as this is unfortunately one of many ugly sides to this medication. My wife was abusing it and what they say about seizures is true. I personally can't stand the stuff, it makes me whacky (more so than usual).

Lisa01 25 May 2012

Unfortunately, vision changes is listed as one of the side effects of tramadol. I'm not saying that this caused your vision problems, just that it is a listed side effect. Hope this helps!

DzooBaby 25 May 2012

It wouldnt necessarily be from a new drug though. It could be from an older drug too. Sometimes certain side effects only manifest after long term exposure. It could also be due to a certain combination of drugs. It could even be that suddenly, for one reason or another, your body isnt metabolizing the drugs the way it used to therefore it could be from something you have taken for years. You might need to, under a Drs supervision, try eliminating drugs until you find the culprit. You would start by eliminating ones not absolutely necessary first.

Delila 26 May 2012

Hi, i agree with Dzoo about a structured plan of eliminating your medications to find the cause of your problem. I am going through this at the moment (for other reasons). As already said, you would start with the least necessary medication and start a tapering plan for each medication, one at a time. Has your doctor no idea what may be the culprit? Considering your condition has been diagnosed due to drug toxicity?

Inactive 26 May 2012

Hi retirednana, I would suggest you seek an opinion from an opthamologist first of all. I also am giving you a link to read about tramodol. It is a synthetic opiate, that doesn't become opiate like until it mixes with your bodys chemistry. The drug reps have touted this drug to doctors as a cure all for pain problems for their patients. Not being a controlled substance, & doctors being as busy as they are, are taking the drug reps word, not reading up on this drug, & are over prescribing this medicine. Please take a few minutes & read this link below. If necessary print it out & take it to your doctor. I have heard many horror stories that the doctors are telling patients it is not addictive, & you can stop it anytime. Do not do this as it has the potential for causing seizures. Hope this helps... Mary

Inactive 26 May 2012

You did not list the amount of tramadol you have been on & for how long either. That information would help in solving your dilema... Mary free discount card

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