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I was told that I could not get a Flu shot if I was taking a cancer drug. Is Hydroxyurea a cancer?

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BeYondRepair 28 Oct 2013

I was denied the flu shot at a drug store b/c I am taking Imuran. I know it can be used as a cancer drug, but, not what I am taking it for.

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BeYondRepair 6 Nov 2013

Saw one of my doctors last week and he said that it is not good to take the flu shot if you are taking any meds that suppress the immune system. At least now I know why I couldn't get it, but, the person at drug store giving the shots just said "no", and unable to tell me why.

endlessPred 25 Oct 2013

Actually you need to talk to the doctor. It depends upon the dose and the specific disease. There is a new flu vaccine this year for compromised immune systems and elderly people. Your doctor will know if you can take it. This is not an alive virus and is administered in two shots. I was surprised to find I can take it. Walgreens, CVS, etc. do not have this medication. It is only at the doctors. Definitely worth a call to your specialist. I barely survived the flu last time. Good luck with this. If you think of it, please provide feedback from your doctor. Stay well. Karen

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kathyhanson 25 Oct 2013

Yes, hydroxyurea is a cancer drug, also used for sickle cell anemia. When I was getting chemo, my oncologist gave me the flu and pneumonia shot. So, kaismama is right. Your doctor needs to make that call for your particular medical needs.
Be well.

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kaismama 25 Oct 2013

Consult your dr. He is the one who can inform you for your specific need.

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