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I have been taking prednisone for three days and have the hiccups. should I call my Dr?

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Ascdr 2 April 2022

I was prescribed 60 mg of Prednisone to taper off every other day to treat a poison ivy rash on my arm. I'm on my second day of the drugs and I've had 3 half-hour bouts of persistent hiccups and my stomach has been deeply unsettled since it first started earlier this afternoon. I think the idea of taking Prednisone with a full meal might work; at least, that's what I'm going to try tomorrow.

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jshepherd3240 12 Feb 2022

Hello everyone. My husband has been taking prednisone for a week now.And yes this medicine does causes hiccups.
It has been a constant battle all day long none stop. So hiccups is a common side effect of the usage of prednisone pills.

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jimmygo 21 July 2019

i was prescribed 10 tablets total (take qty2 - 20MG tablets daily for 5 days) to treat very mild asthma, and inflammation in nose canals, and some shortness of breath; allergies. I started this prescript. yesterday, and within 10 hrs started hiccups and they subsided after 30 minutes. Also experiencing heartburn on non-spicy food. I may stop taking the remainder if i get hiccups tonight (2nd day on prednisone)

i googled hiccups and heartburn, and found this website here. Thanks for posting.

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bodivine 22 June 2019

So glad you posted this question, because the same has happened to me. It happend only on the 3rd day. I was taking it for a prep for MRI, since I am allergic to the contrast dye. It just has to wear out of the body and drinking plenty of water is a good way to get it out quickly. What I assume is it somehow disables the swallowing mechanism, I noticed my food would go down easily thus creating hiccups until it goes down then the hiccups stops, then resumes when saliva accumulates. I've been drinking gassy fluids like bubbly water and that helps me. I don't think a doctor can do much about it.

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camelotskin 1 Feb 2018

Prednisone can cause hiccups and is a rare side effect. I was able to figure this out while taking the medication on and off for years. The way to avoid getting hiccups:

-Only take Prednisone with food and liquid. Preferably a hearty meal at night or a big breakfast
-Eat about half of your food then take the pill followed by about 4 oz. of liquid and resume eating

I had the hiccups numerous times over the years before I started doing this. Prednisone DOES cause hiccups!

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bbjinkomlp 22 April 2018

Now 2 days after taking the prescribed 60mg/day of prednisone, I have had hiccups non-stop for the last 36 hrs.

I was awoken again early this morning with hiccups. I remembered something I have done before and for the last few hours at least... my hiccups are GONE. WHAT A RELIEF!!

Try this:
- get a bottle of water
- lean backwards off the end of a bed, couch or other piece of comfortable furniture
- tip your head back so that it is upside down and slowly drink the water from the bottle
- I only drank about 6 ounces before my hiccups were GONE!

I hope this helps someone get some relief. :-)

micahgaudio 23 July 2015

I have had hiccups for three days now and have isolated that is from taking the prednisone. Very intense and no rhyme or reason every 5 seconds comes and goes.

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coulterpm 3 Aug 2016

I am into my third day of a Prednisolone pack and am experiencing severe hiccups. They seem to alternate on the hour. It is very annoying as I am having trouble sleeping at night.

Joe2000 14 June 2013

My father start taper a prednisone tablet his diabetic and have eye surgery complication and he started having hiccups. It's hard to see him like that. I tried to let him sip a cold water sometimes it work and it would calm down the hiccups but it will come back later on.

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balbanese 3 Sep 2012

Yes. I had these for 9 days straight and wound up in the ER. It's worth telling your Dr about this, the two may be unrelated. Hope this helps.

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endlessPred 3 Sep 2012

I agree that if it lasts over 48 hours, according to my health handbook, and that is with little break, that you should see the doctor.

This is not a known effect of prednisone. Perhaps it is of the condition you are being treated?

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jvernice 11 Nov 2016

Yes, intractable hiccups is a known side effect of all corticosteroids. It is not a common side effect, but it is well established in the literature.

jvernice 2 Nov 2021

10 straight days of hiccups. 2 ER visits. They gave me metochlopramide IV and some tablets to take for a couple of days. Did the trick. Apparently, they sometimes give you dexamethasone during/after spine surgery. At the time of my surgery in 2013, there was very little correlation between corticosteroids and intractable hiccups. Now (2021) there is a wealth of literature confirming this.

kaismama 3 Sep 2012

I have never heard of prednisone causing the hiccups, but I guess anything is possible. If you are in the united states I doubt you'll get your dr today, but I would call and let them know if they continue until tomorrow.

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