I've been taking the pill for the last year and a bit, because my period pain without them in extremely compromising. I just recently (as in this is now my second month) started a new kind of birth control with a much lower hormonal dosage, since the last one had unpleasant side effects. Last month was my first month on this new pill, and in the pack there are three weeks and three days of active pills, two sugar pills, and two other pills that are active, but... different? I can't remember what it is the doctor said. The brand is called Lolo , and I didn't have a period last month. On the other brand I'd start three or four days into the inactive line of pills, but since there are only two inactive pills in this pack I was wondering if perhaps that is what messed me up. Or is it unusual to miss a period when adjusting to a different pill?
I had sex in the last week of last months pill pack, but it was before the inactive pills started and though we did not use a condom, we used the pull out method (and didn't wait until the last minute mind you) and he never ejaculated inside of me.
I want to know if I should perhaps be concerned, or if it is just a result of the pill switch? What are your thoughts?