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Zylet Questions

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Can I use ZYLET eye drops for pinkeye?

Posted 30 Sep 2009 by geop2000 2 answers

Is there any OTC eyedrop comparable to Zylet?

Posted 9 Apr 2011 by Urbs2Huds 1 answer

This stuff is a miracle for my eye condition, but the med itself is $50, co-pay for specialist $25, gas to specialists office $15, and a 1/2 days work missing $40 ... That's is expensive for me

Zylet eye drops for eye allergies and red eyes, is continued use ok?

Posted 15 Sep 2011 by tucker13 1 answer

I have been prescribed zylet for eye allergies. My eyes cleared and once again my eyes are red. I had zylet prescription left and put drop on eyes. Ok to continue to use zylet to clear eyes? Will I hurt my eyes with continued use? Thank you

How common is INTENSE burning/stinging pain upon instillation on Zylet Drops and safe 4 a child?

Posted 19 May 2010 by edith1915 2 answers

I took my 11 yr old to an eye doctor yesterday because both of her eyes were red, itchy, painful, swollen, sensitive to light,and her tear ducts looked inflammed. She comlains mosty, that there feels like something is in her eyes and they itch like crzy. She was and still is exremely uncomfortable. ...

I have been using zylet for three days after being prescribed it for inflammation due to contact?

Posted 21 Nov 2010 by amandajones58 1 answer

... lens over wear. How soon can i put my contacts back in after using the drops? My eyes seem better and i have to go to work Monday and wear my contacts since i don't have a pair of back up glasses. If i stop using the drops the night before if put in my contacts in is that ok? I know your ...

Can Zylet use cause dry eye and headache AFTER med stopped? Could it create a dependency? After?

Posted 10 Nov 2017 by Puentes 1 answer

... being given it for minor irritation my symptoms of irritation are worse after I stop it. Before use - no visual acuity issue. After use, I have changes with worse headache until I go back on the drop. (Used only for 7 days, eye does not look irritated)

Does zylet give your eyes the star burst effect around lights?

Posted 29 Jul 2010 by greeneyes0308 1 answer

I recently finished my medication for zylet. I had conjunctivitis and my eye doctor prescribed this medication - 1 drop, 4 times a day for 7 days. Now, when I drive at night the lights have a star burst effect. It is getting progressively worst because there are streams of light coming in as well. ...

Is there Iodine in Augmentin or Zylet?

Posted 22 Jan 2012 by pkjk 1 answer

Can not afford zylet drops?

Posted 8 Apr 2014 by rosierobin66 1 answer

took vouchers coupons and cards to store no help 370.00 for pre scription

I have been using Zylet for a week now 4 times a day. For a staff infection in my eyes. They?

Posted 23 Apr 2016 by Red eyes 0 answers

... are very red and blood shot looking. Should I continue use? They were prescribed for 2 weeks

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