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I started yasmin pill and I'm on my week off still no period?

Posted 2 Dec 2012 by stellzzzz 2 answers

I'm on my first month of yasmin pill and I'm on my 7 days off, this is actually the 7th day now and I've still no period.. I'm supposed to go back to taking it tomorrow for 21 days but then that will stop my period coming, I'm really worrying and don't want to take a ...

I am on the pill and just hit my inactive pills, I am yet to get my period?

Posted 24 Jan 2013 by ghook 2 answers

If I have sex without a condom, am I at risk of pregnancy having taken all of the active pills?

This is my first time taking yasmin and Im taking the 21 pills and 7 days off. my question is?

Posted 28 Mar 2012 by aanita28 4 answers

... when is my period coming?

Birth control - Ive just started on yasmin and have a few questions:?

Posted 12 Apr 2013 by Pyupyu 1 answer

1. I understand that i will exprience spotting to light bleeding for the first couple of months. But will these be for the entire month? Until my body adjusts? 2. Yasmin is a 21 day pack. Should i take the 7 day break inbetween packs or should i start the new pack imediately once the current pack ...

Birth control yasmin 21, start new pack one day early?

Posted 13 Jan 2014 by felicity_sister 2 answers

I have been using birth control Yasmin 21 for some months, and just started new pack. I realized I started earlier one day. Means I only had 6 days pills off (Placebo period) instead of 7 as it supposed to be. My question, should I add 1 pill and take 22 pills instead of 21? Or I can take 21 pills ...

I've been taking Yasmin 21 pack for over half a year and I've realised that in a few months time I?

Posted 15 hours ago by Ellen123456 0 answers

... will be on my period for my wedding which I would rather avoid, is it safe to take my pill for 2 months straight without a 7 day gap for my period? Thanks

Yasmin - Is it only me who feels like this?

Posted 5 days ago by BethanyElizabeth 0 answers

I have been on Yasmin for about 8 months. Sometimes I am okay, but other times I am tired, headaches, nausea, stomach pain... I feel pregnant! My body doesn't agree with a lot of contraception but this is making me feel like I am crazy! Anyone had the same?

Sex on the 4th Day of 2nd month of taking pill is safe?

Posted 13 days ago by Priya589 0 answers

Hi I am taking Yasmin for the 2nd month . Is it safe to have sex on 4th day of 2nd month of taking the pill?

What was your experience with Yasmin?

Posted 16 days ago by French Fry 0 answers

My gyno prescribed Yasmin for my (as of now undiagnosed but suspected) pcos and possible endo. However, in the last couple of months my period completely changed. It's lighter with little to no period pains. I don't know what to expect and I've been hearing many horror stories of ...

What do I do? Started in the wrong section of my new pack?!?

Posted 19 days ago by gracebolan 0 answers

Hi, I have started my new Yasmin pack in the wrong section. Still yellow pills but not in the green section, which is where you are suppose to start each pack. Any advice on what to do? Does this really matter? Thanks!

I have been taking Yasminelle for the last 3 years, this month the drugstore ran short and late on?

Posted 17 Dec 2016 by Larissa Souza 0 answers

... the supply, and they had to give me Yasmin instead. Can Yasmin be used as replacement for Yasminelle in such cases? Do i have to take any extra birth control measure because of this change?

If Yasmin helps with PMDD, what happens on your placebo days?

Posted 12 Dec 2016 0 answers

I'm on Yasmin & have been for my 4th month now. EVERY month, the day after I stop taking my real pills so I can have my period, my mood DROPS drastically and I'm a depressed maniac! My husband can't stand me during this time. As soon as I go back on the pill I'm GREAT. I got ...

Brown discharge on birth control and super worried?

Posted 5 Nov 2016 by inesisabelsilva 0 answers

Hello i take yasmin birth control pills and i never miss any or take them late i always take them at the same hour everyday, on the last day of my active pills i woke up and had brown discharge and then it continued until it disspaeared now im on saturday and sunday that are the days my period ...

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