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Xulane Questions

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Twirla vs Xulane: How do they compare?

Can you start the Xulane patch anytime?

Should I stop using Xulane if I get a rash?

Can you get pregnant on the Xulane patch?

Where do you place the Xulane patch?

How does the Xulane patch work?

Birth control patch & Plan B pill?

im on birth control patch called xulane. I had sex on my 2 week going into my 3 week am i still protected from my patch but we had unprotected sex so I used plan b to make sure im okay this happened last week like 5 days ago ... This is my 3rd week now on my patch im feeling tired & cranky... read more

Xulane - Is it okay to put it on the upper thigh?

I put my patch on the upper thigh below panty line and just good enough for short shorts to cover the patch. Is that okay ? I am worried.

Am I safe? Boyfriend ejaculated in me twice but I'm on Xulane patch?

I've been on the Xulane patch since last July using it correctly. I got off my period last Monday. The next night my boyfriend ejaculated inside me I took plan b 7 hours later. Today my boyfriend also ejactulated in me. How safe am I from pregnancy?

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