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Can you take 400mg Ibuprofen, 500mg of co-dydramol and 500mg of NAproxen together??

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by Lolabear 1 answer

I've broken my wrist and the hospital gave me co-dydramol and ibuprofen to take for the pain. I asked if i could take my normal prescription of naproxen with it and they said yes... I now know thats a bad idea but don't know what to do... PLEASE HELP

What is the best medicine for lupus symptoms given that I recently had cataract surgery?

Posted 5 days ago by katherinehuber 0 answers

I am 58 years old. I have high DNA and ANA results. My rheumatologist hasn't diagnosed lupus yet. I had one cortisone shot 4 months ago in my right wrist and have been taking prednisone for the last 14 days. Both worked great. Currently only sporadic and mild joint pain. My rheumatologist ...

All over joint pain mainly knees fingers thumbs?

Posted 6 days ago by charnwoodrose 0 answers

Hi I'm 52 around 10st lady I've started to experience very painful jounts, wrists knees fingers and thumbs , I badly injured my shoulder joint around 18months ago although this seems to have eased all other joint hurts I think I must be peri menopausal but my periods are still very ...

Why has my wrist and thumb been hurting more frequently?

Posted 18 days ago by shadow221b 1 answer

Two years ago I fell on my thumb hyper extending it and fracturing it in the process. Doctors that I have gone to said I have tendonitis in it now and that is why it hurts in the first place though no testing has been done to confirm it. It used to only hurt when I overused it in band and ...

I had a shave biopsy on my wrist lesion last week. The report says "Squamous Cell Carcinoma In?

Posted 8 Dec 2016 by muchcat 1 answer

... Situ; extending to the deep margin: My Dr. says that "extending to the deep margin" means that abnormal cells were found at the bottom of the biopsy sample. Her treatment plan is electrodessication and cautery, which destroys tissue and does not allow for re-biopsy. My question(s): ...

Polymyalgia Rheumatica - I am not sure I can work with PMR. It takes A couple of hours in the?

Posted 16 Aug 2016 by English730 4 answers

... morning to get to a place where I can walk I'm week my wrists can't even pour my own teapot. Can I get disability? I am 58 years old and I am a schoolteacher but when I'm in so much pain I'm certainly not very patient

What to do about hurt wrist and thumb pops out of joint ?

Posted 19 Sep 2016 by Kimberlybyrd 2 answers

When I wear a wrist brace my thumb stays in joint and not as much pain in wrist.

Ciprofloxacin - Where or what dr to see for diagnoses of cipro damage?

Posted 17 Aug 2016 by Mikel 62 2 answers

Since given cipro for UTI back in 2008 I've been in pain. The pain started in my lower back and under lower rib cage now it's in most joint areas including knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders, neck, hips. Burning in thighs and numbness also finger tips and toes slight numbness. Weakness in ...

I have pain in my wrists and need suggestions?

Posted 3 Sep 2016 by English730 1 answer

Does anyone have pain in the wrists? What do you do? I think they are the worst. HELP!

I have developed a bad wrist pain, has gotten worse throughout the last month, sprain or fracture?

Posted 7 Aug 2016 by FML4eva 1 answer

I am not sure if this is the right website to ask this at. I'm not sure if you are only suppose to ask questions about medication or that require medication. But in hopes of some answers , I'll ask anyway. Let me know if this is the wrong place to be asking. I have developed a very ...

Alphagan P - Can these drops cause severe pain in left arm from elbow to wrist? Joint and muscle?

Posted 18 Jun 2016 by Kiss my foot 0 answers

I have been using these drops 7 weeks. Twice daily each eye. About ten days ago started with arm pain. Has gotten severe in last three to four days. Especially late evening into the night. I've tried heat/ ice and Motrin for pain. No relief. It's from elbow to wrist and deep inside. Joint ...

I had carpal tunnel surgery February1st that sugeon ruined my hand now I have completely different?

Posted 19 May 2016 by Heatherlehew 2 answers

I had carpal tunnel surgery February1st of this year that sugeon ruined my hand now i have completely different pain areas swollen wrist at the incision site and nerve damage im with a different surgeon now and currently in physical therapy my new surgeon wants me to go to a pain management dr. The ...

Hi I am new and I have had fibromyalgia since 2002...I am 47 but my fibro has gotten worse and my?

Posted 5 May 2016 by flowerchild2 4 answers

... flare up have been terrible I can hardly walk at times my hand feet and while body hurt and my ankles and wrist feel thwy could snap I just want to cry sharp pains in feet and hands burning pins and needle feeling and completely exhausted... help any ideas what to do

What is the name of the pills?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by Dolphinlover456 1 answer

The pills are over the counter they are white oblong shape with the imprint of LDE. My daughter broke her wrist and I need to make sure these are Tylenol. I don't want to give her something she shouldn't have.

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